LN – Correo Argentino questioned its bankruptcy as “arbitrary” and said that it is a step towards being “Argenzuela”

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The company Correo Argentino SA He said that the sentence that ordered his bankruptcy is “the worst of arbitrariness”, it is “a step towards Argenzuela“And confirms” the abuses, corruption and revenge “about which he warned in his letter over the weekend Mauricio Macri. The firm held the Treasury attorney responsible, Carlos Zannini, of going against the interests of the country by rejecting the company’s offer to pay off the debt only for “revenge and political interests.”

Through a statement, Correo Argentino said that Macri’s letter recalled the “persecution and revenge that the national government is carrying out against him” and that the commercial justice has decreed the bankruptcy of the company “confirming the abuses, the corruption and revenge ”on which the letter warned.

They revoke the sentence that rejected the habeas corpus of the stranded

“The arbitrariness is capitalized because, as the ex-president pointed out, the company offered ‘the payment of 100% of the debt and the payment of all the interests of that debt, as determined by the Justice’, but ‘the attorney Carlos ZanniniActing against the interests of the state and the people, he refused to collect 100% of the amount owed ‘, insisting instead on the bankruptcy of the company. That is precisely what the Government achieved ”, says the statement from the company Correo Argentino SA

“Today is a disastrous day for Argentine commercial justice,” said the company.

“The bankruptcy was resolved by a challenged judge, and required by the Chamber prosecutor, who is also challenged. The bankruptcy was decreed despite having the agreement of all the creditors of the company, except the National State, ”insisted the Post.

And he complained that “the injustice is greater when the National State is guilty of the presentation in competition for its breaches and for having illegitimately appropriated all the assets of the bankrupt.” According to Correo Argentino, the bankruptcy was due to the fact that the State did not comply with its obligations and took over the assets of the company. “This is the simple reality,” he noted.

“It is incredible that the State appropriates the assets of a company, leaves it debts and does not accept 100% payment, which now leads to bankruptcy. All for revenge and political interests. One more step towards Argenzuela ”, concluded the firm.

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