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LN – They seek to put on the electoral agenda the housing crisis that more than 4 million people live

The “pink box”, which was installed on the Paseo del Bajo, just behind the Casa Rosada, symbolizes the reality of thousands of families in the popular neighborhoods of our country Credit: Victoria Mortimer Precarious houses with...

LN – The crack that should concern us: those who inhabit “pink squares”

The crack that should concern us is not between those who will occupy the Pink House, but between those who inhabit “pink squares” and those who do not. The real rift in our country is that millions of people live with precarious...

PEUGEOT 2008 Publicidad 2019: en Bariloche, escuchando a Depeche Mode

Gran comercial de la agencia Hoy Buenos Aires para el Nuevo SUV Peugeot 2008. Filmado en Bariloche, al ritmo de “Personal Jesus” de Depeche Mode.