Spanish Words of Foreign Origin: Anglicismos (Part 2)

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Welcome to the second part of anglicismos in Spanish!

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Any list showing English loanwords being used in Spanish will encompass terms used in many fields of knowledge, like technology, management, or even everyday life.

What is important is to always be aware of the fact every anglicismo have some equivalent in la lengua de Cervantes, which you may use freely according to context.

Once again, you will see the loanwords on the left side of the colon as they should be spelled following the Spanish grammar or as they are most commonly written; for some, I have added the English word they come from. On the right side, I have included alternative words in Spanish you could replace the extranjerismo with.


Fashion: A la moda, de moda (both expressions are used as adverbs)

Feedback: Respuesta, reacción, retroalimentación

Feeling (as in the attraction between two people): Sensación, atracción, química

Flash (as in a burst of light or a newsflash): Flash

Follower: Seguidor/a

Freelance: Autónomo/a

Full: Lleno/a

Hándicap (from handicap): Desventaja, discapacidad

Hobby: Pasatiempo

Jáquer (from hacker): Pirata informático

Jipi (from hippie): Jipi

Láser (from laser): Láser

(Web) Link: Enlace (web)

LOL (from “laugh out loud”): “Ja, ja, ja”

Look (as in someone’s physical appearance): Apariencia, estilo

Mánager (from manager): Gerente, administrador

Márketing (from marketing): Mercadeo

Máster (from master as in the academic degree): Máster

(Computer) Mouse: Ratón, cursor

Nailon (from the Nylon trademark): Nailon

Newsletter: Boletín

Off (as in sales): Descuento, rebaja

Online: En línea

Outfit: Atuendo, vestimenta

Parquin (from parking): Aparcadero, estacionamiento

Password: Contraseña

Pub (as in a public house): Pub

Pullover (as in clothing): Pullover

Runner: Corredor

Running: Correr; carrera

Sándwich (from sandwich): Sánduche, emparedado

Screenshot: Captura de pantalla, pantallazo

Selfi (from selfie): Autofoto

Shopping: Compra(s)

Shorts (as in short pants): Pantalones cortos

Show (as in a broadcast program or an event considered ridiculous): Espectáculo

Eslogan (from slogan): Lema

Software: Programa(s)

Spam: Mensaje(s) no deseado(s)

Staff (as in a group of employees): Personal

Stalker: Acosador

Start-up (as in an organization or enterprise): Empresa emergente

Suéter (from sweater): Abrigo

Tag: Etiqueta (noun); etiquetar (verb)

Test (as in an exam or trial): Examen, prueba

Thriller film/novel: Película/novela de suspenso

Top model: Supermodelo

Walkman: Casetera, reproductor de casetes

Wifi: Conexión inalámbrica

Workshop: Taller


What do you think of the way Spanish speakers have borrowed English words? Which loanwords are your favorites? Share with us your answers on the comments, and let’s keep learning together… ¡Sigamos aprendiendo español juntos!

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