LN – No farewell. The daughter of the man who was not allowed to enter Córdoba died due to a “doubtful” test

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Bureaucracy prevented Solange from seeing her dad before he died.
Bureaucracy prevented Solange from seeing her dad before he died. Credit: Facebook

CORDOVA.- Solange Musse died in Córdoba without being able to see her father. The 35-year-old girl suffered from terminal cancer and was undergoing treatment in this province; to your father, Pablo Musse, the authorities made him return to Neuquén from Huinca Renancó (south of this province) having a “doubtful” result of a rapid test for Covid-19. The story could not end worse: his daughter passed away five days later and they could never be found again.

Since the case was known the health authorities of the province, those of the Emergency Operations Center (COE) and those of Huinca Renancó do not speak about the issue. Musse had carried out all the procedures to get to Alta Gracia, where her daughter was already in a house with oxygen and special attention,. covered 1000 kilometers by car with his motor-disabled sister-in-law and because of the “doubtful” result of his tests, they were made to drive back again, unable to rest and without attending to his request for swabs.

This week, in dialogue with THE NATIONHe explained that he “never” had a fever. “They did not want to do the swab on me. I could never speak to any authority, only with the two girls from the health post and the police,” he said and emphasized that the situation had distressed and stressed his daughter, who was waiting for him.

As he related, They did not even give him the option of having his sister-in-law – with legal residence in Córdoba – stay in one of the hotels reserved for those who must quarantineInstead, “eight police mobiles” from different provinces escorted them all the way back to Neuquén.

Solange died while her father waited for the provincial COE to authorize him after presenting a negative swab. The times of the bureaucracy exceeded those of the young woman. Stories similar to this – some without such dramatic endings – have been repeated because there are decisions of the COE or mayors that are not coordinated, resolutions that are applied without explanation and that do not contemplate emergency cases.

THE NATION counted the one of Laura Ferreyra, 43, who was on the verge of death when, last October, a criminal tried to snatch his wallet while he was riding a motorcycle through San Francisco, some 215 kilometers southeast of the capital of Córdoba. A month later he came out of a coma, something unexpected even for the doctors themselves. Interned in Córdoba for her rehabilitation,. The quarantine found her separated from her two daughters, ages 3 and 13, her 18-year-old son and her husband. It took four months of paperwork for them to see each other.


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