LN – The moving letter Solange wrote before she died: “All I need is for you to listen to my family”

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The young woman from Cordoba, 35, died this morning of breast cancer.  Days ago, a police check did not allow her father to visit her
The young woman from Cordoba, 35, died this morning of breast cancer. Days ago, a police check did not allow her father to visit her Credit: Facebook

CÓRDOBA.- The last days of Solange musse they were very complicated. At the age of 35 and after several battles with breast cancer, he had deteriorated a lot. After her admission to the Allende Sanatorium, she was in a house in. High grace. This week, when her father Pablo was not allowed to see her because of his quarantine, decided to write a letter to tell how he felt. “I feel so helpless that my father’s rights to see me and me to see him are taken away. Who decides that if we want to meet? Remember, until my last breath I have my rights, no one is going to take that from me“, he expressed.

He gave the text to Channel 12 in Córdoba, which he had agreed to receive at his home to tell how he was after her father had to return to Neuquén, from where he came to see her. He was accompanied by Solange’s aunt, Paola Oviedo, who has a motor disability and endured a 40-hour drive to and from without seeing his niece.

In her letter, Solange asked: “All I need is for you to listen to my family and me. The decisions in the face of this pandemic are to take care of yourself, with all precautions, and that is what was going to happen. I longed to see my aunt now. my dad. I am very sad for everything they did to both of them, they treated them very badly, they mistreated them, they did whatever they wanted as if they were criminals. I want to be with my family and not be mistreated by anyone. “

Solange was going through stage 4 of her breast cancer and he had to use oxygen, in addition to having nursing assistance at home. The frustrated reunion with her father distressed her and made her more stressed. Last night they admitted her, she spoke with Pablo and they said goodbye. Died this morning.

“I hope this that has happened to my family does not happen to anyone else. How far do our rights go? I want all this to be known because of the pain of the family, I do not want anyone else to suffer from these situations. Neither my family, nor any human being who is going through this situation because I am sure that I am not the only one. I love my family and no one is going to do what they want with them. I want all this to be very clear, “she concluded in her letter.

The case

On Sunday August 16, Pablo Musse and his sister-in-law traveled 1100 kilometers from Neuquén to Córdoba to visit Solange, who was undergoing cancer treatment and whom his father had not seen since March, after the start of the quarantine by coronavirus.

Upon arrival at the local health control Huinca Renancó, in the Cordovan border with La Pampa, they did a test to both. Paola Oviedo’s was negative, while Musse’s gave a “doubtful result.” For this reason, the police denied them access and escorted them back to their city.

In dialogue with THE NATIONSolange’s father explained that he traveled with “all the procedures completed” and referred to the result of the test: “They made me another one and it didn’t matter. They never took my fever, they didn’t want to do the swab. I could never speak to any authority, only with the two girls from the health post and the police, “he said.


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