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Through the mail, it seeks to avoid the risks of contagion of the coronavirus in the delivery of food cards Credit: Ignacio Sánchez


dynamics of the pandemic


it leads the different sectors of the Government to look for mechanisms to minimize risks,

even in the face of another emergency as urgent as the food one

. The Ministry of Social Development of the Nation defined the new modality of delivery of the Alimentar card, adapting it to the preventive measures that the Executive ordered in the framework of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus: starting this week,

It will not be distributed in person but through the mail

. The decision, released a few hours ago, was made during the inter-ministerial meeting that took place yesterday in the Olivos estate and which was headed by President Alberto Fernández, accompanied by the scientific community and infectious disease experts.

Four days ago, the directive was to suspend face-to-face nutrition courses or workshops and for municipal authorities to take the necessary precautions so that people, when removing the cards, kept a minimum distance of two meters from each other.

Starting today, what is sought is directly to avoid social contact and crowds of people at delivery points.

From the Development portfolio, they indicated that the new distribution strategy will not alter the delivery times established with the different provinces and municipalities, and that as of this week the public bank will send them through the Argentine Post, without intermediaries or managers, respecting the schedule agreed with the district governments.

All these measures seek to ensure that the money from the card reaches the populations at risk without delay.

: mothers and fathers with daughters and sons up to 6 years old, pregnant from three months and people with disabilities, all of them beneficiaries of the AUH.

The new delivery method seeks to avoid long lines and contact between people.
The new delivery method seeks to avoid long lines and contact between people. Credit: Ignacio Sánchez

According to the schedule presented a few days ago, this week the distribution of 69,000 Alimentar cards was planned in Mendoza (352,000,000 pesos a month for a universe of 134,000 people) and thirty towns in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires. Also, they had announced that operations will continue in Río Negro (20,000 cards, 35,000 people reached, 100,000,000 pesos a month), Neuquén (16,000 cards, 28,000 people, 80,000,000 pesos) and Santa Fe (109,000 cards, 202,000 people , 551,000,000 pesos).

In order to receive it at home, holders must validate their identity and address in advance through

My Argentina

, the portal of the Argentine state. Just after this validation, it will arrive at your home by mail.

As of March 11, the accredited cards reached one million one hundred thousand, that is, almost 2,000,000 beneficiaries. In the next four weeks, the remaining 400,000 will be credited. The plan plans to deliver more than 1,500,000 cards, which will reach more than 2,800,000 recipients.

DNU 260/2020, of Sanitary Emergency, also established that the portfolio headed by Minister Daniel Arroyo must

provide the mechanisms, guidelines and protocols so that social assistance provided through dining rooms, residences or other devices is provided in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health

. Among other preventive measures before COVID-19 in agencies, institutions and organizations that depend on or work in an articulated manner with this portfolio, communication with Child Development Centers, Reference Centers (CoR), Community Integration Centers ( CIC), homes of the elderly and dining rooms.



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