LN – Coronavirus: Can you kiss your cheek and drink mate?

Si te gusta, compártelo

Source: Reuters

The speed with which the coronavirus is spreading around the world has taken governments, international organizations and specialists by surprise. The uncertainty that this generates in the population

it is causing in many people a certain fear when it comes to relating to others


In recent days, the objections at the time of

greet or share the mate

, even in the case of apparently healthy people. It can? Should we avoid kissing the cheek? What happens with hugs?

“At the moment, we do not have local circulation, because the 19 reported cases are imported,

we can continue with the kiss on the cheek, shaking hands, shaking each other in a hug and we can share mate

“says Pedro Cahn, scientific director of the Guest Foundation and one of the specialists who yesterday

gave a press conference

together with the Secretary for Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti, after the meeting with President Alberto Fernández.

“What people do have to understand is that this is a

dynamic situation

for which what we are saying today that it is possible, may change in a few days or weeks. But today there is no justification for taking such extreme measures as preventing mate, which is a national tradition, “added Cahn.

Despite this dynamism in the proliferation of the virus, the prevention guidelines, so far, remain the same. “The personal care recommendations are the same:

hand washing, if someone has symptoms avoid going to work places or school because that way we will reduce the possibility of viral circulation. Take special care of the elderly

which are the most severely affected by the coronavirus. There is no need to buy chinstraps. Chinstraps do not serve to protect people who do not have acute respiratory infection, people who are confirmed cases or the flu have to use it, “he stressed.

In the case of

people who must isolate themselves

when returning from a trip through countries considered at risk

, the tips are different. The Director of Investigations of the Guest Foundation, Omar Sued, recommends: “During this period, you should take your temperature twice a day and if you have more than 37.5, consult the doctor.

avoid close contact of the isolated person or persons with the rest of the family and sleep in separate beds

. Disinfect the place well and wash your hands permanently. Maintain a distance of at least one meter, and

try not to live with very old people

. If they live in the same house, try to protect them much more from the isolated patient. ”



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