LN – Coronavirus: Carmen Barbieri said she had hallucinations when she was in a coma

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Carmen Barbieri visited the studios of PH: We can talk (Telefe) after suffering a very serious picture of coronavirus and to participate in the second season of MasterChef Celebrity. Before the attentive gaze of the other guests, he detailed how you went through the illness and the hallucinations you suffered during hospitalization.

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“I was in a silver room with a Japanese woman who told me she was my new friend,” he began by recounting. I thought that was death and I wanted to stay alive. The nurses told me not to move my head because I was taking my breathing tube out. But actually, all the time I said no to the Japanese woman, that I didn’t want to die, that I wanted to come back to life ”.

When asked about Andy Kusnetzoff about what had helped her cope with the disease, she confessed: “I believe in God, in the doctors of heaven, the people who have prayed for me, the ones I don’t know and the ones I know, and also for earthly doctors. But I put a lot of strength for my son [Fede Bal]. He was desperate. He had lost his father, he had had cancer, now his mother is leaving, it was a lot. I said ‘give me a little more time’ and here I am. It was a hard year and a half”.

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Finally, the artist reflected: “Everything happened, it was one stick after another. My mother died, her dogs died, then Santiago Bal got sick, he dies and at once there is a pandemic. Santiago died in my arms because the pandemic was not there. Later Federico gets sick with a very difficult cancer because it couldn’t be operated, he had to reduce it and, if he didn’t, it was a ticket. It was all close together ”.

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