Todos Los Tacos (All the Tacos)

Si te gusta, compártelo

¿Le gusta comer tacos? (Do you like to eat tacos?) ¿Le gusta la comida de la calle? (Do you like street food?) If you answered “Sí,” you won’t want to miss out on a street food and taco tour around Puerto Vallarta.

Todos Los Tacos (All the Tacos)

Mmmm… tacos.

We’re on a quest to eat todos los tacos (all the tacos). In this short tour, you can try: tacos de pescado (fish tacos), volcanes de carne asada (“volcanoes” with beef), tacos de cabeza (beef cheek tacos), sopes (sopes, a Mexican snack food), tacos de marlin (marlin tacos), and churros for dessert.

¿Qué tacos le gusta? (What tacos do you like?)

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