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One very important beginner lesson in Spanish is learning how to tell the time. This is a crucial step in doing things like making plans and reservations. In our final video in the “Beginner Spanish” series, we’re going to learn about telling time in Spanish.

Telling Time in Spanish

Voy al parque en la tarde.
I’m going to the park in the afternoon.

Follow along with this short and simple video to learn some useful vocabulary and how to ask/answer the all-important question “What time is it?”:

As I mentioned, this will be my last video post on the TL Spanish channel. I’ll still be writing a few posts each month to share some more tips and lessons for beginners. Thanks to Transparent Language for giving me the chance to share some of my videos, and thanks to all of you for watching them! And of course, thanks to my teacher Maestro Melchor at the wonderful Spanish School Vallarta.

If you’d like to see more of my travel videos, you can follow my channel at Grateful Gypsies.

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