LN – Vicentin: they confirm an embargo for more than $ 111 million

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A Federal Court of Appeals of Resistance, Chaco, confirmed a millionaire embargo against assets and former directors of the grain producer Vicentin in a case initiated after a complaint from the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP).

In August 2020, the agency denounced former company executives for an alleged apocryphal billing maneuver to access VAT refunds for exports in an amount greater than $ 111 million.

At that time, he filed a complaint against Vicentin and those responsible “for improper use of tax benefits.” The complaint fell in a federal court in Reconquista, Santa Fe.

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There the Justice had confirmed embargoes for the amount of the complaint and now the Federal Resistance Appeals Chamber did the same.

The House resolved “Make room for the seizure of free property of the firm and the individuals reported in the proceedings, under the responsibility of the complainant, in an amount sufficient to cover the sum of $ 111,637,479 that was reported as tax damage.”

“The fraudulent maneuver was detected during an audit carried out by the AFIP on the VAT refunds for grain exports that were requested by Vicentin between 2016 and 2019. The denounced operation consisted of using, registering and presenting millionaire apocryphal invoices generated by 54 alleged suppliers ”, official sources pointed out.


“The AFIP’s inspection found irregularities in the companies and individuals who issued the invoices used by Vicentin to request refunds for a sum that amounts to 111.6 million pesos between 2016 and 2019. The agency was able to determine, among other elements, that the companies used did not have grain collection plants, did not have economic or financial capacity and could not justify the origin of the merchandise ”, added the sources.

Vicentin, with a bankruptcy debt of $ 122,375.4 million, announced on May 13 that the Asociación de Cooperativas Argentinas (ACA), Molinos Agro and Viterra Argentina (this firm was previously called Oleaginosa Moreno Hnos. SA, of the multinational Glencore) They expressed their intention to buy the majority of the company through a capitalization. They could keep up to 90% of the firm.

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