LN – Master in Journalism LN / UTDT 2021: the winners of the Carlos Pagni Scholarships were announced

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This morning the results of the fifth edition of the Carlos Pagni Scholarships, awarded every year to the two best marks produced by the students of the Master’s Degree in Journalism from THE NATION and the Torcuato Di Tella University participants in the contest. This time, 22 of the 24 students attending the study program showed up, a sign of the growing enthusiasm aroused by this journalistic challenge.

This time, Mary of the Angels Anglesio and Maria Delfina Celichini were the winners according to the verdict of a jury composed of Ines Capdevila (Editorial Secretary of LA NACION), Carlos Pagni (columnist and host of LN +) and Carlos Reymundo Roberts (Assistant Secretary-General for Editorial THE NATION and Deputy Director of the Master). Among the five finalists were also Emir Diamante, Josefina Gil Moreira and Martin Klajnberg.

The Anglesio Chronicle, “Seberos: links in a chain of fat”, investigates – with a keen journalistic eye – the dense world of meat waste collection, an informal activity that happens in front of our eyes, in trucks that cross the city full of bones, guts and mountains of fat. The curious gaze of the Master’s student offers a vivid and disturbing portrait of an old, hard and precarious job for workers, in constant tension with butcher shops and slaughterhouses, in the sights of the health authorities and often on the verge of legality .

Celichini’s work, “Manuel Puig and General Villegas: I am afraid of the encounter with the returning past” walk the A city’s troubled and changing relationship with its most famous writer. “It can be said that in General Villegas -says Celichini, also a native of that city- there is an AB and DB (before Boquitas pintadas and after Boquitas pintadas”, referring to the way in which Puig’s novel -where he portrays a class This is a village media that many identified with families and specific people from Villegas- shocked and scandalized the place where he was born. Through a series of novel sources, among them the correspondence of “Coco” Puig with her childhood friend Raquel Piña, Franchini travels with great sensitivity a history full of encounters and misunderstandings.

The award, which recognizes the quality of the journalistic work, also covers the full enrollment of the Master’s Degree during the second half of the year in the case of both winners. In addition, the chosen texts will be published in the “In Depth” section of the platforms of THE NATION.

This contest makes the co-organizers of the Master’s Degree proud because the high quality of all the works presented testifies to a rich learning process already experienced by the students during the first half of the program. Although the chronicles in competition are of original production, many of them were born as tasks in the various subjects of the Master’s Degree.

The Carlos Pagni Scholarships, whose first edition dates from 2017, are possible thanks to the generous and sustained contribution of Andrew Cummins, founder and CIO of Explorador Capital Management. The contest was created in tribute to his mother, Phyllis Blenkin Probst Cummins, who spent much of her last 28 years of life in Argentina. It is also testament to their appreciation of excellence and meritocracy.

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