LN – Lanús – La Equidad, for the South American Cup: Garnet thrashed, but was not enough to continue in the race

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Lanús He did everything when he was within his power, but he had already been very conditioned with last week’s defeat in Porto Alegre (1-3). The Garnet fulfilled on the fifth date, and beat La Equidad 4-1, from Colombia, but the victory was insufficient to continue in the race: above all was Gremio, who beat weak Venezuelan Aragua 6-2 and took over the only available ticket to the round of 16 of the South American Cup. The Brazilian team sealed their classification with a date in advance, and a perfect score; five wins in five games.

Both Lanús and La Equidad knew that their chances had been reduced to a minimum, and that led to an open duel, conducive to arrivals and emotions. It was opened by the local at the end of the first half, after a series of rebounds in the visiting area, when Colombian Alexis Pérez sought to finish from the crescent, but in reality he caused an assist for Sand, who defeated Bonilla with a beautiful scissors, a scorer’s own pirouette.

The disadvantage forced La Equidad to leave, which began to leave spaces in the background, and at the start of the second half Lanús struck again, this time with an advance from the left and the entry of Lucas Vera, who commanded the center flush for Lautaro Acosta, who anticipated with an accurate touch at the near post from the surprised Bonilla.

More incisive in their advances, the local scored the third in a combination between Sand and Lucas Vera, which overflowed on the right and took all the marks, and assisted the experienced 40-year-old scorer, who nailed it at the near post.

The Bogota team reduced figures with a header from Diego Herazo, after a precise free kick by Carlos Rodríguez. But Lanús finished sentencing the duel next, this time by air, with a shipment from Matías Esquivel that Pepo De la Vega sent headlong into the net for the final 4-1, and decorate with a smile a very premature farewell for the current runner-up of the South American.

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