LN – He is 9 years old, he was a better student and his dream is to find a family

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The Family Court of the city of Goya, in Corrientes, opened a public call so that those interested in sponsoring her can apply
The Family Court of the city of Goya, in Corrientes, opened a public call so that those interested in sponsoring her can apply

Anita is 9 years old and has a dream: find a family. She is in 4th grade and has an excellent academic performance at school, in fact, she was recognized as the most outstanding student in her class. She is responsible and demanding with herself, orderly and applied. Although she is a bit shy, she has a strong character, and to cope with the complex experiences she had to go through, she does psychotherapy.

Those who know her say that what Anita needs most – her name was changed to preserve her identity – is a lot of affection to strengthen her self-esteem, to re-believe in herself and that someone is capable of taking care of her and loving her as she deserves. Anita’s right is to find a family where they allow her to unfold all her potentialities. In order to make it effective, the Family Court of the city of Goya, in Corrientes, launched a public call, that is, an open call to the entire community for those people who have the genuine desire to form a family for adoption with Anita, they can apply.

Those interested in sponsoring her should download the public announcement form at this link and send it to the Juvenile Court of the city of Goya ([email protected]) or to the Single Registry of Candidates to Guard for Adoption Purposes of Corrientes ( registryadopció[email protected]). For telephone inquiries, call the court at 03777-422114, Monday through Friday from 7 to 13; or by registering at 0379-4476896 from Monday to Friday from 7 to 13.

Other girls and boys waiting

  • On the page of the National Directorate of the Unique Registry of Aspiring Guardians for Adoption Purposes (Dnrua), you can also find open calls for girls, boys and adolescents from all over the country who hope to have a family. In addition, on the web there is a guide on adoption in Argentina, online services and informative talks are held on a monthly basis.

More information on adoption

  • CABA Single Registry of Aspiring Guardians for Adoption Purposes (RUAGA): on its website they offer information for those interested in adopting and the steps to follow. They have workshops on active waiting and support for families during bonding, custody and adoption.
  • Being a Family By Adoption: They provide support, training and support. It has groups in CABA, San Isidro, Junín and San Nicolás. In addition to advising other self-managed companies in Ituzaingó, La Plata, Luján, Tandil, Entre Ríos, Corrientes, Rosario, Córdoba, Esquel, Alto Valle de Río de Negro and Caleta Olivia. On the other hand, it has several virtual devices such as Facebook groups.
  • Adoption School: provides free services to those who wish to establish a family by adoption and to society in general. It offers open meetings, of couples who are going through bonding or custody coordinated by psychologists and another group for people who already have an adoption sentence. In addition, they have lawyers who answer questions; they give talks and trainings for professionals and operators. They can be consulted virtually on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In CABA they offer various devices in charge of professionals, teachers, psychologists and lawyers. Whatsapp: 11 6309 0730.

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