LN – Collapse in Miami: photos and names of a score of disappeared are revealed

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After this dawn collapsed part of the Champlain Towers complex, in Miami, where many families lived and tourists from different parts of the world stayed, relatives and friends of the people who are still missing began to publish their photos on social media to help with the search.

Although the number of victims was not officially communicated, so far one death and at least two hospitalized injuries have been reported. The fire department, meanwhile, confirmed that they rescued 37 people from the rubble. There are at least 99 missing.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta announced a relaxation of the measures in the City

CBS Miami reporter Frances Wang was one of those who was in charge, through her Twitter account, of collecting images of those people who are intensely wanted after the tragic collapse of the building.

With a thread on her social network, the communicator wrote: “We are going to unite some of the people that their loved ones reported as missing.” And he published, along with the name and surname of each, what his family and friends told the police after the collapse.

In each tweet, Wang added images collected from the US media and gathered the information on the missing so far.

-Michael Altman: his family has reviewed the hospitals and submitted a report.

-Marina Azen: His relatives say that he has been living in the building for about 20 years and they hope that he is in one of the hospitals.

Tragedy and commotion: What is known about the collapse of a tower in the middle of Miami

-The entire Pettengill family: it involves two adults and three children.

-Dr. Brad Cohen: her image was shared by journalist Lisa Petrillo, who had a conversation with her family at the meeting center.

-Moises Rodan: He is 28 years old and in the photograph he is seen with his girlfriend.

-Raymond and Mercedes Urgelles: both 61 years old, were reported missing by their family.

-Nicky Langesfeld and Luis Sadovnic: They were on the eighth floor at the time of the collapse.

-Angela Velasquez, Julio Velasquez, Theresa Valesquez and Roselyn Luke: A woman shared a picture of the four and two phone numbers on her Facebook account. Later, journalist Wang reported that Luke had been found.

-Judy Spiegel: He is 66 years old. Her son said, through tears, that he does not lose hope of finding her alive.

-Miriam and Arnie Notkin: Senior couple living in Miami Beach.

-Frank & Anne Kleiman, Nancy Kleiman, Deborah Berezdivin, Ilan Naiybryf and Jay Kleiman they were also reported missing.

After many hours of work at the site of the building collapse in Surfside, the search and rescue team resolved a change in strategy.

Assistant Fire Chief Ray Jaddalah confirmed that sounds have been heard under the rubble. “The task force now works from the underground parking lot. The firefighters continue to cut, breach and place sonars and search cameras to locate the victims, ”Jadallah detailed this afternoon at a press conference.

“The process is slow and methodical; all this is very dangerous “, he specified. The search and rescue work will continue during the night, reported the authorities present in the last informative part.

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