Why learn argentine spanish online ?

Si te gusta, compártelo

Spanish spoken in Argentina is much easier and faster to learn than the traditional Spanish language

Now, with BASI Online, you don´t need go to school to learn Spanish. BASI Online allows you to learn Spanish at home, at your workplace or any place where you can connect to the Internet, when you want and, if you wish, with your partner or one friend.

BASI Online is the ideal solution for busy people who will travel to Latin America, and want to communicate with the natives without errors, for greetings, booking hotels and flights, order meals in restaurants, rent a car, etc.. It is the choice tool for technicians from different areas because of its simplicity to improve their Spanish for business purposes.


You can start 1 online course in your country and you can continue it by taking classes here at our school in Buenos Aires . Likewise, you can start your course at our school in Buenos Aires and continue it online from anywhere in the world. We can offer this to you since we use the same programs both for classes provided here at our school and for the classes that are done online.

Save time and money

relojitoYou do not need to travel to go to class. You can take the class from your home, office, or from where ever you want to!

Studying online is more economic. You do not need to travel or pay for accommodation. It is also cheaper than studying in your own country with the advantage of taking classes with native Spanish professors.

Live Interaction

You can interact live with your professor. You can ask question to your professor and receive answers live in real time. This will give you the possibility of asking again if you still do not understand.

Some of the lessons, exercises and tests are on our e-learning platform in Moodle (Thinkle), make available to students who enroll in the different levels of Spanish. Other materials are sent directly by the teacher at the time of the class.

Since classes are provided by video conference, you can take advantage of the body language that the professor will use, which is so important when learning a second Language.

It will be like taking a real class at the school but from the comfort of your home!

You decide when and where

You never miss a class! You can to record all of our classes. If you cannot attend a class, that is not a problem: you can watch it as many times as you want to. This is a good system that helps you fix concepts.

No more endless online Spanish programs that only teach you grammar in many weeks. No more spanish courses in CDs without tutors that can you correct and ensure effective conversation in Spanish. With BASI Online learn Spanish is more simple and it works!

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