The Best Spanish-Speaking News Channels To Watch Online For Free

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In a previous post, I introduced the Most Read Newspapers in Spanish. This time, I will be showing you the most widespread live news channel in Spanish that you can watch online for free.

There is no doubt that one of the many advantages of technology innovations in terms of communications is the possibility to watch news around the world in real time. The live streaming of news is the latest evolution of live TV as we know it. It makes news more accessible to the public than ever before, promoting greater transparency and changing the way we see the world.

Another positive aspect of news streaming is that it gives us the opportunity to be eyewitnesses of what happens around us either locally or beyond our borders, and at the drop of a hat. In a convenient way, you can now access live news not only on your TV but also from your phone, tablet or any other device and on the go.

What follows is a list of news channel you can stream to keep yourself informed and up to date about the latest news in the Spanish-speaking world. They will also come in handy when practicing your Spanish listening skills.


AméricaTV, from Argentina

It is an Argentine free-to-air television station located in the city of La Plata. América TV is also one of Argentina’s five national television networks, having an active YouTube presence since 2007.


LN+, from Argentina

La Nación is Argentina’s leading traditional newspaper, and its web version, LN+, broadcasts from inside its own newsroom, located in Vicente López, Buenos Aires province.


Meganoticias, from Chile

This is the chief news service of Mega TV channel. It belongs to the Alianza Informativa Latinoamericana (Latin American News Alliance). It broadcasts from the capital city of Santiago.


Milenio, from Mexico

This is the web live version of the Milenio newspaper. With its headquarters in Monterrey, Nuevo León state, it specializes in national and international information broadcasting.


Radio Caracas Radio, from Venezuela

Radio Caracas Radio is a Venezuelan radio station and the flagship radio newscast of RCR today. Since 2019, the RCR 750 transmitter has been off the air and it has been solely operating as a web news broadcaster from Caracas.


RTVE, from Spain

Belonging to a state-owned public corporation, it is one of the most well-known news services in Spanish language. It is a full member of the European Broadcasting Union.


TodoNoticias, from Argentina

Its name meaning literally “All News”, it is an Argentine pay and streaming news television channel owned by the Clarín Group and operating from the capital city of Buenos Aires. It is one of the most-viewed news channel in that country.


TVN, from Chile

Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN) is a Chilean public service television broadcaster. Considered a pioneer in technological advances in Chile, it is the only public-owned television company in that country and competes for audiences with other private groups.


VPItv, from Venezuela

As an acronym for Venezolanos por la Información (Venezuelans for News), it has its headquarters located in Caracas, though it also broadcasts from Miami, Florida. It has been functioning since 2015.




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