Beginner Spanish Listening Practice – Shopping for clothes (Part 1)

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In this Spanish lesson we will practice how to manage in Spanish when buying clothes in a shop or market. As usual, first we will review some relevant grammar and vocabulary and then see if you can follow a short listening.

This lesson is part of a Spanish course that practices the grammar and vocabulary first introduced in my beginner Spanish course posted here on the Transparent Language blog. Let’s test your listening comprehension and see if you can understand a short audio in Spanish. The transcript to the audio will be given at the end of the post but please try not to look at it until you have tried playing and understanding the audio a few times.

Use the following link to watch the corresponding video lesson of the original course:

Beginner Spanish Lesson 17 Shopping for clothes

Please familiarise yourself with the following words and phrases before listening to the audio below:

A ver: Let’s see.
Probadores: Changing rooms.

Now, play the audio to listen to a conversation in a clothes shop. Can you understand what they are saying? Play the audio a few times before you look at the transcript. Don’t worry if you don’t understand every single thing the two people are saying. Try to catch whichever words you can and then try to piece things together to work out what is being said.



Lewis: Oiga perdone
Vendedora: Sí, dígame
Lewis:¿Tiene esta chaqueta negra en la talla grande?
Vendedora: Mmmm un momento por favor.
Lewis: Vale
Vendedora: No tenemos esta chaqueta en la talla grande, pero tenemos una chaqueta marrón en la talla grande.
Lewis: A ver… Vale. ¿Puedo probármela?
Vendedora: Sí, los probadores está ahí.
Lewis: Gracias.
Vendedora:¿Está bien?
Lewis: Sí, muy bien. ¿Cuánto cuesta?
Vendedora: Cincuenta euros.
Lewis: Aquí tiene
Vendedora: Gracias. Adiós.
Lewis: Adiós

So, how did you get on? How much did you understand of the listening? Please let me know in the comments section below…

Don’t worry if you didn’t understand that much, keep reviewing the vocabulary and phrases and you will soon be up to speed and ready for the next lesson in this course. See you next time!

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