jue. Mar 21st, 2019

Yes, Highway Tolls Are Going Up Too | BA

Tolls are set to rise an average of 13.4 percent. (Photo via InfoBaires24)

The government has announced yet another price hike for public infrastructure: highway tolls.

The tolls for west and north highway exits were already scheduled to go up this Saturday, but the Buenos Aires City Government announced today that they are going to hold a public hearing on increasing all tolls in the city by an average 13.4 percent.

And that’s not all: the National Roads Department announced that tolls on Ricchieri will increase by AR $5 on peak hours by the end of February, Clarín reported.

The city government will hold the public hearing in regards to the rate changes on March 13. The changes will affect the 25 de Mayo, Perito Moreno and Illia highways. While the average increase will be of 13.4 percent, the exact prices will differ across roads. It should be noted that because the hearing is not binding (that’s to say, it’s merely an administrative step), the changes will be implemented shortly after.

Below, you can find the changes that are expected to be made for each highway. The fees differ depending whether you are driving during peak hours or not (duh). In addition to this, peak hours will no longer depend on the direction you’re driving – the higher fee will be applied regardless of where you’re going, as long as you are within the peak hour times.

(Essentially, even if it’s 5 PM and you’re driving towards the city and not away from it, you’ll still be paying more. Good times!) Furthermore and specific to the Ezeiza highway, the government has drawn specific distinctions beyond “peak,” adding the labels “valley” and “congestion,” just like the ones already in effect in the Acceso Norte and Acceso Oeste.

Increases are also expected to be made to Acceso Oeste, Panamericana and Ricchieri.

Source: Bubble.ar