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What’s Coming to Netflix Latin America this April 2018 | BubbleAr

La Casa De Papel is back on screens with Part 2 on April 6th.

Believe it or not, you’re already twenty five percent of your way through the year, so congrats. Finally out of the red hot danger zone of summer, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Take comfort that you no longer need feel like an oven-roasted chicken walking round the city. Instead you can look forward to a bracing walk around the bosques, but then again, taking a glimpse at what Netflix is set to release this April, you probably won’t be doing much walking anyway.

With plenty of feriados this month, and most likely some unwanted family gatherings (the two go hand in hand really), it’s time to get your Netflix excuses at the ready.


April 1 – The 100 – Season 4

(Photo via Netflix).
(Photo via Netflix).


April 1 – Slasher 2 – Guilty Party

April 1 – Gold Stars – The Story of the FIFA World Cup Tournaments

April 6 – Money Heist – Part 2

Desperate to know what happens next to the Professor, Tokio and the rest? ‘Money Heist’ or more commonly known here as ‘La Casa de Papel’ is back on our screens on April 6, so you needn’t worry about traveling to Spain or spending money on an overpriced VPN to see the next instalment of potentially the most addictive international crime show to date.

April 6 – Troy: Fall of a City – Season 1


April 6 – David Letterman’s ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ with Jay – Z

An interview you won’t want to miss, old school interviewer David Letterman meets mega-star rapper Jay-Z.

April 13 – Lost in Space

April 15 – The Walking Dead – Season 7

After being released nearly a year ago in the States, everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic series is returning to Netflix for what promises to be *spoiler alert* a casualty filled seventh season.

April 19 – The Alienist – Season 1

The Alienist (Photo via Netflix).
The Alienist (Photo via Netflix).


The highly anticipated New York set psychological thriller follows the story of a reporter and physiologist who come together to track down a serial killer notorious for murdering young boys. A captivating and compelling murder mystery, ‘The Alienist’ is one to watch for a look at a dark and twisted turn of the century New York City.

April 21 – The Letdown – Season 1

April 26 – Happy! – Season 1

Happy! (Photo via Netflix).
Happy! (Photo via Netflix).


April 27 – 3% – Season 2


April 1 – Road to La Paz

Telling the story of the ultimate Latin American road trip from Buenos Aires to La Paz, reluctant driver (Rodrigo de la Serna) and elderly devout Muslim (Ernesto Suarez) make an unlikely traveling duo. Both on a journey of ‘spiritual awareness’, Suarez’s character wants to make it to Mecca and Serna’s is just in need of some purpose.


April 1 – A Sort of Family

April 1 – The Aerial

A black and white, nearly silent movie tells the tale of a city whose inhabitants have had their voices stolen by a villainous Mr TV. Only the seemingly faceless ‘La Voz’ has managed to hold onto hers. A nostalgically and artistically shot movie, ‘The Aerial’ is one for a quiet Sunday afternoon.

April 1 – Disney’s Cinderella

Well done to Netflix for not putting Disney into the Kids category. If we’re honest, we all like a bit of Disney every now and again, and despite the stereotypically unrealistic happy endings that make us all feel like we’ve got life wrong, Disney and pizza are still the chosen hangover cure for many.

April 1 – McFarland, USA

April 1 – 27: El Club de los Malditos

April 6 – 6 Balloons


April 6 – Orbiter 9

April 15 – Sisters

(Photo via Netflix).
(Photo via Netflix).


April 27 – Candy Jar

April 27 – The Worst Week


April 1 – Todo Sobre el Asado

Is there a more Argentine documentary title? No, probably not. Check out this show to find out more about the culture surrounding the asado. Don’t blame us if you end up with a big juicy steak and red wine before the end of the episode.


April 6 – Ram Dass, Going Home

April 6 – Todo lo Que Sería de Lucas Lauriente (stand up comedy)

April 13 – Chef’s Table Pastry – Season 4

Our favorite program for tempting food options is back for a fourth series, this time showcasing the delicious art that is patisserie.

What's cooking good looking? (Photo via Netflix).
What’s cooking good looking? (Photo via Netflix).


April 20 – Mercury 13

Mercury 13 tells the true story of a group of 13 women who were subjected to harsh physical tests in order to go to space, but were eventually turned down in favor of a team of men.

(Photo via Netflix).
(Photo via Netflix).


April 24 – kevin James: Never Don’t Give Up


April 1 – Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast

April 1 – Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

April 6 – The Boss Baby Back in Business

(Photo via Netflix).
(Photo via Netflix).


April 13 – The Magic School Bus Rides Again

April 20 – Spy Kids: Mission Critical

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