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WeWork Reopens Their Tallest LatAm Tower in Mexico City | BA

(Photo via Pulso Social)

Have you tried a co-working space? Probably, if you’re the digital nomad most of you claim to be.

Coworking spaces are certainly a hot buzzword right now, and with so many opening up across Latin America and beyond, it can be hard to tell which one is the best fit for your needs.

(Photo via We Work)
(Photo via WeWork)

For those of you firmly rooted here in Buenos Aires, you can check out the best ones here. However, if your nomadic heart is burning to get traveling again, Mexico City might just be the place to add to your list of destinations from where you can also realistically work remotely.

After first opening in Mexico City 17 months ago, WeWork has just inaugurated its seventh and eighth collaborative workspaces, in addition to reopening its tallest Latin American tower, Montes Urales. Until a few months ago, WeWork had only owned several floors, the rest being used as a residential space.

(Photo via Montes Urales)
(Photo via WeWork)

A concept born out of a desire to provide office workers with personal yet professional working spaces, WeWork has rapidly expanded across Latin America, developing a strong community in Mexico City in particular.

WeWork’s two buildings are located in Arcos Bosques and Artz Pedregal – both upscale neighborhoods in Mexico City, in case you were wondering – and they are the newest editions to the company’s ever-expanding portfolio of swanky digs.

Don’t we all like the idea of a fabulous new office space? With features such as exercise rooms, a terrace, brainstorming rooms, meditation spaces designed for downtime, as well as a classroom used for inspiring talks, the Artz Pedregal location seems like a pretty fantastic place to work.

(Photo via WeWork).
(Photo via WeWork).

Their other new location in Arcos Bosques is a huge new space for those looking to work independently or to grow a small team. With five floors and a membership capacity of up to 800, it’s sure to become the next WeWork hub of Mexico City.

WeWork boasts around nine thousand members in Mexico; with 205 worldwide locations, it aims to create environments for people to be productive as well as communal spaces where its members can relax and socialize.

(Photo via WeWork).

With global membership of around 180,000, networking between other members is another perk of the WeWork universe, and an easy way to expand your international web of contacts. Useful for both startups and established businesses, these opportunities are ripe for the taking.

Next time you’re experiencing some serious wanderlust, but also need be productive, this is your chance. BRB, asking the boss if we can move to Mexico!

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