jue. Mar 21st, 2019

US Confirms Ambassador to Argentina | BA

Judge Edward Prado (Photo via C-SPAN)

This week, the US Senate confirmed the nomination of Federal Circuit Judge Edward Prado to be Argentina’s new ambassador. BA covered his appointment here, for more background information.

If only going off of how sludgy the Washington #Swamp is, it can be seen as a surprisingly quick process – just 64 from start to finish. However, back in 2003 he was unanimously confirmed and this ambassadorship showed no controversy. Judge Prado had his confirmation hearing at the beginning of this month, where he spoke about his desire to assist with the AMIA and Nisman investigations. The post has been vacant since January 2017, when former Ambassador Noah Mamet left.

Bueno, let us be the first to welcome you officially, Ambassador, with a chin-chin of Fernet (something you may have to get used to). We hope to see you over at the Palacio Bosch soon.

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