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We have two learning methods: Spanish lessons with professor via Skype (online) and Spanish courses with tutor (offline). Each method was designed for students with different needs.


basi method


Lessons via Skype ( with teacher online)

Description: the student chooses what topics wants to work with the teacher in every class via Skype. These courses has custom material for online work.

Features: this type of Spanish lessons are ideal for those who want to customize the Spanish course (often for professional reasons) to improve his conversation skills. In this mode, you pay per hour of class with the professor. The homeworks are included to contribute to the overall objective of the course.

Offline courses with tutor 

Description: the student takes interactive Spanish lessons with exercises like reading comprehension, writing and understanding of audio. A teacher is assigned as a tutor and corrects all the exercises off-line till the end of each unit. Eventually, the tutor may conduct online lessons via Skype with the student to assess his conversational level
Each level includes an interactive test to realize in what aspects you need to improve your knowledge.

Features: tutored classes off line are appropriate for people who do not have much time to arrange a class via Skype on a specific schedule, and require a more structured course. Courses follow the DELE objectives and are suitable for those with little knowledge of Spanish. In this mode you pay packages (1 unit or 1 full level content) that includes the lessons, the teacher’s corrections, the auxiliary grammar material and interviews with the teacher to assess the oral level.

*In both methods we focus in the understanding (listening, reading) and production skills (oral and writting), not in the grammary aspects of the language. In both methods we will use all resources available in our e-learning platform in Moodle (Thinkle): images, animations, lessons on slides, videos, audios, articles from news and other multimedia resources. We guarantee it will be fun to learn Spanish and you will have a natural approaching to it.


Native Private Teacher

Our teachers are college graduates and native Spanish speakers either form Argentina. And most importantly they are good caring people.

Real life learning

Our methodology is designed to help you learn Spanish through everyday situations of real life in Argentina, México, Venezuela, Spain, or any different spanish language country.

What you need ?

We want to make sure anyone can use it. You do not really need to be a computer person to use our services. Here are the only two things you need to have ready before your first Spanish lesson:

Software : we have selected Skype as our method of communication. Skype is an easy to use and completely free software that allows any user to make free phone calls from computer to computer. Skype is currently used by more than 200 million people around the world. You can download it and learn more about it directly at
If for some reason you can not install this software we have a videoconferencing room that requires no additional installation.

Headset : we strongly recommend the use of headphones/speaker headset. It allows you to hear clearly your Spanish tutor’s pronunciation, plus it will block all external noises for optimal concentration. If you do not have one, you can buy a headset at any local electronic store. If you are new to skype, please make sure you test your system at least one time before your first lesson (this is also tried on the interview before you pay for the course).

Camera: there is no need to use a camera for the course, so only if you really need it or want it would be necessary.

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