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The Setlist: Live Music in Buenos Aires, May 16th Edition | BubbleAr


Welcome, friends, to another installment of The Setlist, your one-stop resource for the latest news on cryptocurrency! Wait, what? You’re looking for live show recommendations? Sorry, that’s what we used to do before our aggressive rebranding; since Argentina’s peso started moving up and down like a twerking twenty-year-old, we’ve decided to go where the money is. And that money is… nowhere, apparently? Or the cloud? Or some server somewhere? How does bitcoin even work? Does anybody know?

You know, we’re just not very good at this crypto thing, so maybe we’ll just go back to telling you about the killer live shows that are happening around town this week. After all, you need something to take your mind off inflation, and that vaguely terrifying IFM deal. We know we do.

Check the playlist below to get a taste of the artists featured in this week’s Setlist (at least the ones we could find on Spotify)! And don’t forget to follow BubbleAr on Spotify for our weekly Setlist picks, and much more!

Thursday | May 17

Festival Minima Records: Acid Caramels + Chelo Lares + Os Párpados

Start your musical week off with a taste of the Minima Records line-up, as they celebrate their roster with sets by bratty hard-rockers Acid Caramels, the desert-rock psychedelia of Chelo Lares, and the bubbly indie-rock of Os Párpados.

8:30 PM | AR $100 | El Emergente Bar | Acuña de Figueroa 1030

Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club at Luna Park

Now if you’re looking something with a bit more of a zesty Caribbean flavor, why not come see the mighty Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club at Luna Park? This touring version of the legendary salsa collective has been garnering up rave reviews all across the land, and they bring their take on son, bolero, guajira, and other Cuban rhythms.

9:30 PM | AR $750 | Luna Park | Av. Eduardo Madero 420

Gerardo Farez & Droopy Brun at Kirie

Or, for something on the entirely opposite end of the spectrum, here’s a more electronic-tinged show at Kirie featuring the synthpop stylings of Gerardo Farez y La Marea Oceánica and the lively techno-pop of Droopy Brun.

8 PM | AR $100 | Kirie Music Club | Bolivar 813

Friday | May 18

Enero Es Tan Cruel, Calma Isabel and Los Posibles at POMO

If you like to spend your Friday nights getting your face blown off with loud guitars, crashing drums, high tempos, and catchy melodies, have we got a lineup for you. POMO hosts a night of power chords and sneering at microphones featuring Viva Records bands Enero Es Tan Cruel, Calma Isabel and LoS Posibles.

9 PM | AR $50 | POMO | Santa Rosa 5157

Cerros at Antidomingo

Though perhaps you’re in the mood for something quieter, more delicate, and more concerned with exploring specific emotional spaces. In that case, makers of gorgeous music Cerros will do the trick; they’re playing a free set at Antidomingo this Friday.

9 PM | FREE | Antidomingo | Pinto 4860

La Cara de Los Ultimos + Hamacas al Rio at El Universal

Bedroom-pop stalwarts La Cara de los Ultimos, who excel at making music that is melodic and tuneful while also scratching that very specific glitchy-radio itch, will be playing an intimate electro-acoustic set at El Universal, along with folk-rockers HAMACAS AL RIO, which makes for an excellent pairing if you ask us. And reading this column sort of counts as “asking us.”

9 PM | Pay what you can! | Espacio Cultural El Universal | Soria 4949

Salad Party Vol. 4: Los Totales, El Club Audiovisual, WALFER, Fizz

When you read the words “salad party,” what comes to mind? Is it some sort of vegan food festival? Well, that’s not what this is! The curiously-titled live music series comes back for its fourth installment, featuring Los Totales (who are celebrating their 11th year as a band), distortion-laden shoegazers El Club Audiovisual, indie-rockers WALFER, and experimental soundscape-poppers Fizz.

11 PM |AR $80 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

Los Rusos Hijos de Puta, Los Peyotes and Los Seitans at Niceto Lado B

This line-up, featuring garage-rockers Los Rusos Hijos de Puta, sixties garage/punk rock throwbackers Los Peyotes, and surf-rockers Los Seitans, promises to be a trip back in time when music was just a little more reckless, a little more dangerous, and a little less concerned with concepts such as “playing at reasonable volumes.”

8 PM | AR $100 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Saturday | May 19

Felipe Cachorro at Congo

Felipe Cachorro are an excellent group that mixes salsa, folk, rock, and various autochtonous rhythms to deliver their maddeningly earworm-y songs. Come check them out at Congo.

11:30 PM | Congo | Honduras 5329

Violeta Castillo, Fradi, Lupe Sendra at Cooperativa Cultural Qi

Cooperativa Cultural Qi hosts a night of unique performers, featuring the wonderful pop stylings of Violeta Castillo, the synth attack of Fradi, and folk-rock singer-songwriter Lupe Sendra

9 PM | Cooperativa Cultural Qi | Thames 240

Bethany Saint-Smith at Feliza

If what you’re looking for is some soulful, bluesy rock-n-roll music, come see charismatic performer Bethany Saint-Smith and her band as they take the Feliza stage and deliver exactly that.

9 PM | Pay what you can! | Feliza | Av. Córdoba 3271

Sunday | May u20

Naomi Preizler and Astronaut Project at La Usina del Arte

Wrap up your musical week with this show by pop singer Naomi Preizler (think of a more street-smart, less abstract, more pop-leaning, cumbia-influenced Argentine version of Grimes) and the ethereal sounds of Peruvian dream-pop band Astronaut Project.

5 PM | Usina del Arte | Agustin R. Caffarena 1

A quick reminder. We want to make sure we cover as much material as possible each week; but with a scene this active, a lot can slip through the cracks. So, in our effort to remain on top of things, we’ve set up an e-mail address where you – that’s right, you, dear reader – can submit your own suggestions for shows for us to cover. If you have a gig coming up, or you know of one, we want to hear about it! Hit us up at [email protected]

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