If you’re a beginner learner of Spanish, you’ll want to master the Spanish pronouns and the verbs “to be” right away. That’s right – there are two different verbs meaning “to be” in Spanish. One is for a permanent state, while the other is temporary. Learn more in this short video lesson.

Spanish Pronouns and the Verbs "To Be"

Ellos son músicos.
(They are musicians).

Follow along with the video to practice your pronunciation. The vocabulary is listed below, which you can copy/paste for further study:

*Note = In Spain, the word vosotros is used for you (plural) in a familiar way. I have been studying Spanish in Mexico and Colombia and have not been taught to use this word, as it’s not common in Latin America.

For now, just practice the pronouns combined with the two different verbs “to be.” In the next video lesson, we’ll look at some examples for each of them so you can start forming sentences on your own.

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