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Practices in the street

In BASI, unlike other Spanish schools, is that you can agree with the teacher which parts of your classes will be “street practice”


Do you need buying clothes in a shop, foodstuffs in a supermarket or have a drink in a typical bar of Avenida de Mayo? The teacher shows you how to do it in school, and then accompany you to a bar or a mall to put in practice your classes. Do you want to meet argentine boys and girls through Internet? The teacher helps you to create your profile in the most popular argentine social networks.  Are you looking for a job in Buenos Aires? The teacher indicates you how to create a CV in our city’s job explorers.

And so on, what you need..

A Spanish course should adapt to your own goals and interests. In BASI, in a warm and intimate environment of direct communication with the professors, you can make this possible. 

Prices & conditions

The price per hour of activities is U$D 15 per person (ask for group discounts 4 students).
If you are taking a Spanish course at our school, activity starts and ends at the school. If you are not taking a Spanish course can arrange a point of meeting with our guide.

Price does not include passages in transportation, entrance fees or expenses (food, drink, clothing, etc). Anyway most of the activities are free or cheap because are designed for Argentina residents.

Contact us by email for more features.



Spanish required

Buy clothes in a store

( Abasto)

2 hs

Introduce yourself, greeting, numbers, colors

Ordering at arestaurant

( Typical, no tourism)

2 hs

Looking for a place


2 hs

Recognizing and comparing objects and places

( museum )

2 hs

Create a CV

1 h

Advanced spanish

Meet a couple

1 h


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