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New Music Alert: Uji from Lulacruza Releases New Track ‘Jenga’ | BubbleAr

Uji (Luis Maurette) releases his debut solo track today. (Photo via Elisa Georgi).

This week has been a struggle, hasn’t it? There’s nothing quite like that jolt to the system of the first day back after five magical feriados. Luckily, Uji is here to help ease your way into the (regular length, sigh) weekend.

Uji, or Luis Maurette, is a Buenos Aires-born electronic producer and musician who formed one half of the popular electronic folk duo Lulacruza along with the incredible Colombian singer Alejandra Ortiz. Active from 2005, when they met at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Lulacruza explored the intersection of hypermodern electronic processing and ancient South American music.

Since the duo called it a day in 2016, Uji has released a series of highly acclaimed singles, including remixes of artists such as Ecuador’s Mateo Kingman, and co-produced Sof Tot‘s atmospheric debut EP Adoro.

While Uji is Argentine-born, he has been shaped by the whole American continent, having also lived in Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, and the USA. The diverse musical styles and influences of the region find themselves encapsulated in his music, a unique mix of all things folclore and electrónica which expresses the beauty of the primal and the magnetism of the inner self. His music negates the dichotomy between the modern and the ancient, fusing the aesthetics and technicality of electronic music with folkloric and ritual music.

(Photo via Jaime Lebrija).
(Photo via Jaime Lebrija).


‘Jenga’ is the first track to be released from his upcoming debut album Alborada. The track is unexpected and unique, drawing on sounds from nature, such as water and animal cries, along with ritualistic chanting which defy easy recognition. This is all layered with the psychedelic rhythmic patterns and contemporary beats of his electronic training, resulting in a hypnotic track which combines sophistication and simplicity to create a spell-binding final result.


Maurette told Billboard that Jenga is “about stripping away layers to find our innermost essence, our pre-verbal conscience, our internal flame. It’s about reigniting a memory in us that is so ancient that it goes way back in time, past generations into the roots of our ancestry.”


Uji’s debut album Alborada is released on June 8, 2018 on ZZK Records. This first album is definitely one not to be missed.

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