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Netflix’s First Argentine Original Series ‘Edha’ is Coming in March | BA

Leading actress Juana Viale as Edha, the star fashion designer of the series. (Photo via altapelis.com)

After so many hit Latin American produced Netflix originals, it really is about time Argentina had its first.

Colombia had Narcos (fair enough, the controversial show is American but hey, it was definitely a hit), Mexico had Ingobernable and Club de Cuervos, and Brazil had 3%. Time for Argentina to have a well deserved slice of Netflix Latin America.

The new series, Edha, which will be released on March 26, is only shot in Argentina and takes place in Buenos Aires’ fictional fashion scene (you understand what I mean – the fashion scene is real, the tv series is not, don’t @ me).

A production shot of Juana and Andres Velencoso starring in the new Edha series. Photo via elnuevodia.com
A production shot of Juana Viale and Andres Velencoso starring in the new Edha series. (Photo via elnuevodia.com)


Fashion designer Edha (Argentine Juana Viale) falls in love with younger menswear model Teo (Spanish Andrés Velencoso). Without giving away any huge spoilers, their romance gives Edha inspiration for a new menswear collection. However, vengeful Teo has a few darker ideas and slowly brings down their unconventional relationship along with Edha’s campaign.

You can check out the officially released trailer here.

Created by Argentine Daniel Burman and his team Oficina Burman (responsable for Lost Embrace and Empty Nest), season one of the thriller drama will contain ten episodes of around one hour each. There have been no announcements of a second season yet, but if it’s as binge worthy as its Latin American counterparts, we can be sure there’ll be something on the horizon.

Erik Barmack, Vice President of Netflix, talked with Variety and spoke about how unique, sexy and exciting the music and fashion world is in Buenos Aires and how Edha’s director Burman was one of the most gifted creators in Argentina.

Edha's creator Daniel Burman. Photo via altapeli.com
Edha’s creator Daniel Burman. (Photo via altapeli.com)


Burman also spoke of how Netflix had revolutionized the conception of drama and that characters must be assumed to be as ambiguous, complex and as inconsistent as people in real life, adding that creating a show for Netflix would be his biggest professional challenge.

Andres Velencoso will take the lead role as model Teo. Photo via Vanitatis.
Andres Velencoso will take the lead role as model Teo. (Photo via Vanitatis.)


As we said, ‘Edha’ is Argentina’s first Netflix produced series, but many other successful Argentine series have been added to the streaming platform. El Marginal (which is set to get a U.S remake), Estocolmo as well as Historia de un Clan have all been hugely popular Argentine productions.

So now you know, and you can cancel your plans for March 26. And if you can’t wait until March, check out our guide to what’s arriving this February, for your next Netflix binge.

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