At the end of a week marked by a massive mobilization and roadblocks carried out by opposition social organizations, the Minister of Social Development, Juan Zabaleta, had a raid of meetings with referents of the Church. Today in the morning he visited the bishop of San Isidro and president of the Episcopate, Oscar Ojea, with whom did he talk about “The transformation of social plans into genuine employment”, among other issues.

“Was a good dialogue ”, They limited themselves to informing Episcopate sources consulted by THE NATION. Zabaleta and Ojea talked about “The social situation of the country and the need to continue working in a coordinated manner in the post-pandemic ”, as described in the ministry led by the former mayor of Hurlingham.

The possibility of advancing with the urbanization of popular neighborhoods. The Minister for his visit to the headquarters of the Bishopric of San Isidro was accompanied by the Secretary for Sociourbana Integration of the Ministry of Social Development, Fernanda Miño.

The day before, Zabaleta visited the President of Cáritas and bishop of Quilmes, Carlos Jose Tissera, and held another meeting with the team villeros priests, meeting that took place in the sanctuary of San Cayetano, de Liniers, a significant place for the Church, especially in times of crisis and growing poverty.

The minister in San Cayetano was received by the Episcopal Vicar for Pastoral Care in Villas de Emergencia, the bishop Gustavo Carrara, and the priests JI said Maria Di Paola (Father Pepe), from the town of La Cárcova, in San Martín, Lorenzo de Vedia (Father Toto) and Carlos Olivero (Father Charly), both from Villa 21-24, from Barracas.

“The work they did during all this time of economic crisis and pandemic. We maintain our redoubled commitment to continue working together to put Argentina back on its feet ”, declared Zabaleta on his Twitter account, after the meeting with the priests.

Minister Juan Zabaleta visited the president of Cáritas, Bishop Carlos José Tissera.

Minister Juan Zabaleta visited the president of Cáritas, Bishop Carlos José Tissera. (Twitter /)

In the meeting with Bishop Tissera and the technical team of Cáritas, they analyzed the implementation of the program Empower Work and they agreed on the objective of advancing in the conversion of social plans, as detailed by the minister in a tweet.

The reconversion of social plans for effective jobs is a I insist that the Church has been doing in their pronouncements. A month ago, the president of the Social Pastoral Commission, the Jesuit bishop Jorge Lugones, He raised the need to “change the paradigm of the subsidy for the paradigm of work”, in a meeting in which Monsignor Ojea also participated.

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