LN – “You have to compromise.” He is 96 years old and asks everyone to join his fight to eradicate poverty


From a very young age, influenced by his father, he collaborates in several solidarity projects in order to “transform lives”. Credit: Micaela Urdinez

“I have been behind poverty for almost 90 years,” says Carlos Huguet, with a smile of a boy who never lost, sitting in the armchair of his house in Belgrano. He is 96 years old, but that empathy for the other arose as a child.

“Sometimes you think what it is that makes everyone have certain unknowns that you think are necessary to solve. And what is the origin of that.
In my case, the origin is my father“, he adds with the cadence of having all the time in the world to talk about the topic he is most passionate about.

Eduardo, his father, was a piano teacher and also in charge of personnel of the Ministry of Public Works. “When I was a kid,
simple women who brought chickens under the arm came to my house to give them to my father. My mother attended to them, they left with their chickens again and I asked her why we didn't accept them. And she explained to me that my father did not work to bring chickens but to allow them to have work. And that was in my head, the issue of life-changing help, “says Huguet.

The help that transforms lives remained in my head.

Carlos Huguet

During the years in which he worked as an engineer and formed his family, this concern was always latent. And when he retired, he took control of his life again. Huguet is a widower – his wife passed away seven years ago but he still carries his alliance and hers, in his right hand – has a daughter, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He currently lives alone and a lady helps him during the day with food and cleaning. As he is recovering from a recent fall, he has to use a walker.
“The longer I sit, the more I think,” he explains with a copy of the newspaper La Nación on the dining room table. “He's my faithful companion, I read it even at the edges,” he clarifies.

Precisely from an advertising notice of the Invisible Networks project of the La Nación Foundation in which it indicated that
Only one in 10 Argentines believed that he had to do something to fight poverty, he felt he had to do something and he wrote an email to the Foundation that said:
“Of ten people, there is one who does believe in poverty and has to convince nine others so that we can do something together and thus continue to multiply. And so the chain is assembled. I think we all have to deal with poverty to achieve long-term solutions. “

Of ten people there is one who believes in poverty and has to convince nine others to do something together.

Carlos Huguet

During the last years Huguet
developed a proposal that involves the entire society and wants to channel through state agencies. “I tried to make some contacts to reach politicians and the heads of the Ministry of Social Development during the previous administration but I had no luck,” he says without being discouraged.

Its project consists of a law of voluntary support of all the inhabitants and companies of 1% monthly of their income, a law of extinction of dominion of all the physical and monetary goods had by corruption, a law of pecuniary support to all the indigent and poor for their food, health and education through a specific debit card, a compulsory consideration law by the beneficiary, so that it is not a handout but a pay (dignity) for their work and a law that defines as
recipient, controller and distributor of these values ​​to the Ministry of Social Development with the intervention of each municipality (to federalize the project), eliminating intermediaries and defining places and tasks to be performed by the beneficiary such as hospitals, schools or places.

Huguet developed a proposal that involves the whole society and wants to channel through state agencies.

“The social situation worsened in front of the famous crack, in which
No one feels responsible for poverty, the other is always responsible for the issue. It seems to me that in a country like ours that has a wealth to support 300,000,000 people, there should be no poverty. We have agriculture, deposits and we cannot feed 40,000,000 million Argentines. That can not be. I don't think we have to be spectators of our destiny, “Huguet explains.
, inviting all the people, civil servants, social organizations and religious institutions that want to join their solidarity crusade.


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