LN – “We want them to give us back the body,” say the relatives of Sandra Ávalos, from the Hospital Muñiz


In the middle of the photo, Lara, the daughter of Sandra, claiming for the body of her mother at the door of Muñiz Hospital Source: LA NACION – Credit: Fernando Massobrio

The relatives of Sandra Ávalos, the deceased whose body was given to another family in the Muñiz Hospital, complain at the door of the place so that the Justice will return the body that was buried in a cemetery in Monte Grande. On the other hand, the relatives of Juana, the other deceased person, not only have to deal with this macabre confusion, but, in addition, they had to resort to a lawyer so that the shop would not charge them for the transfer again.

“We want them to return our bodies, they told us they were going to take care of everything and they apologized because it was a hospital error, but at the moment we do not know when Sandra will be returned so we can dismiss her as corresponds, “says Karina Ávalos, Sandra's sister, from the hospital door.

Karina Ávalos, sister of Sandra, the deceased who was given to another family and buried in a cemetery in Monte Grande


Both families had recognized the bodies, which were of two women, one of 41 and another of 53 years, with physical characteristics that did not confuse them. Both were with the identification that establishes the protocol that governs in the city for the handling of corpses. However, the coaching contracted by one of the families removed a body that did not correspond. When requesting that the wake be closed, the service ended with the burial without noticing the error.

“My cousin Monica came to recognize Sandra's body, she recognized him and then they sent her to do the paperwork so she could carry out the transfer, when she went to do the papers she arrived late and could only come back yesterday to continue the process. After that we went back to the hospital and they told us that there were 20 bodies and they could not find out what Sandra's was in. Finally they showed us a body, but that was not Sandra, that was the body of Juana, “explains María Gutiérrez, Sandra's cousin .

“The orderlies told us that they did not know where Sandra was and they did not give us any more explanations than that, after we were called by the director, or the man who was on duty in charge of the hospital, and she told us that another family took Sandra's body. “, adds Gutiérrez.

The relatives of Sandra Ávalos claim in front of Muñiz Hospital
The relatives of Sandra Ávalos claim in front of Muñiz Hospital Source: LA NACION – Credit: Fernando Massobrio

From the environment of Juana, they denounce several irregularities at the moment they went to recognize the body: “Juana died on Thursday, my brother and uncle were to recognize the body, which had already been put in the drawer. because one has to do the reconnaissance with the body on a stretcher, another irregularity was that they made them leave after recognizing the body, something that, I understand, is also wrong, a relative must always stay until they seal the drawer, “he says. a relative of Juana who preferred to protect her identity.

Added to the confusion and pain of family members was an economic problem: the car dealer told Juana's family that he should pay the transportation expenses. Again. “They told us that, in spite of the mistake, we had to pay for the transfer service again, a madness, now it seems that the government is going to take care of everything, but the truth is that the director resigned, they sent out stretchers, but we still do not have very clear what happened, “adds Juana's family member.

From the

Ministry of Health

Buenos Aires informed
THE NATION that the police report was made, involving the Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor's Office No. 57. A summary was initiated to investigate what happened last Saturday. The director of the hospital, Mabel Nogueras, resigned yesterday and never received those affected.

Sergio Auger, general director of Hospitals of the Health Ministry of Buenos Aires, assured that through the intervention of the legal area of ​​the health portfolio, all the information necessary for the investigation was delivered to the General Directorate of Summaries of the General Procurator of the City. In addition to accepting the resignation of the director of the hospital, four employees were removed from the position preventively. “We are very dismayed,” he said, “it is a very serious fact because the pain of the two families is in the middle.”



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