LN – Video: a man transformed his patio into a Japanese paradise after 10 years

Martin Fitton, a 53-year-old man from Bristol, went through all weather conditions adverse events in the last 10 years until the completion of the construction of an authentic Japanese paradise in the garden of his house.

A decade and an outlay of 8,000 pounds are the figures of the feat of this man after having turned a desolate back garden into a spacious garden formed by all kinds of plants, flowers and elements of oriental inspiration.

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Family photos taken in the 90s show the remarkable effort he put into as the garden was primarily occupied by a huge climbing structure for her children, Rhys, 28, and Vanessa, 25.

The idea of ​​transforming his garden began to haunt his head back in 2009 and he chose the Japanese style for the amount of elements and ornaments that can be played with. Later, he simply went to work to make each and every corner himself.

The garden is now finished – just in time for summer – and It is the most precious jewel of this talented handyman for design outdoor.

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