LN – Vélez – Boca, for the 2021 Tournament: schedule, TV and formations of the match of the 18th date

The match between Velez and Boca always raises expectations from the previous one. This is not the exception. Teams led by Mauricio Pellegrino and Sebastian Battaglia, respectively, faces are seen at the José Amalfitani stadium this Sunday, from 8.15pm, corresponding to the 18th date of the 2021 Tournament. It is refereed by Diego Abal and televised by TNT Sports.

El Fortín comes from beating Central Córdoba, in Santiago del Estero, 2-1 and is positioned in fifth place with 28 points. Meanwhile, Xeneize achieved the same result against Godoy Cruz last Wednesday and reached 30, placing third and nine units from River, the leader.

And it is that they are two teams that live one excellent news. So good is the campaign of both that, eight days before the end of the contest, They are partially positioned within the three teams that qualify for the Copa Libertadores 2022 through the annual table, that takes into consideration the points harvested in the Professional League Cup 2021 and this championship: the Velezano group accumulates 59 units, seven more than those recorded by the cast of La Ribera. And Boca still has the path of the Argentine Cup.

Much is due to the current streak. Vélez had started the competition with the left foot, not being able to win in the first six days. However, the next time he unlocked the padlock and began a string without losing that it still lasts: There are already eleven commitments without falling, the product of seven wins and four equalities.

For its part, Boca changed its face with the departure of Miguel Ángel Russo and the inauguration of Sebastián Battaglia. Those in blue and gold also passed the first six dates without success, although with the asterisk of having to play two commitments (Banfield and San Lorenzo) with the Reserve. From there another story began: the superclassic was the only stumble since the former central midfielder is the coach, since in the other eleven commitments He achieved eight successes and three equalities, with the addition that he reached Liniers with three consecutive victories (Lanús, Huracán and Godoy Cruz).

With regard to the formations, Pellegrino would have thought to hold a large part of the headlines that beat the Railroad. I would only tweak the front: No. 9 would once again be Juan Martín Lucero instead of Cristian Tarragona.

For its part, Battaglia has some doubts in the middle of the field. The main one has to do with waiting for the state of the right foot of Agustin Almendra, who suffered a strong blow and forced him to leave the field in front of the Mendoza. Although it is thought that it will be present, Rodrigo Montes remains on the lookout.

In any case, Montes could also enter for a tactical question, even if Almendra is in conditions: Aaron Molinas did not stand out against Tomba and, above all, the coach had to improvise during the game to relocate it on the right wing band, something uncomfortable for the hook. Because, the two questions go hand in hand.

The last time they crossed paths it was a historic thrashing by Boca: times when, for example, Carlos Tevez was at the club and Sebastián Villa, some of the gunners that night in Liniers, was well regarded.

The last time they crossed paths it was a historic thrashing by Boca: times when, for example, Carlos Tevez was at the club and Sebastián Villa, some of the gunners that night in Liniers, was well regarded. (Mauro Alfieri /)

Boca’s last visit to Amalfitani was on March 7, for the League Cup. That night he gave the Fort a historic win: without the presence of the public that will be this Sunday, He beat it 7-1.

Probable formations

  • Velez: Lucas Hoyos; Tomás Guidara, Matías De los Santos, Lautaro Gianetti and Francisco Ortega; Gerónimo Poblete and Federico Mancuello; Agustín Bouzat, Thiago Almada and Lucas Janson; Bright Star. DT: Mauricio Pellegrino.
  • Mouth: Agustín Rossi; Marcelo Weigandt, Carlos Izquierdoz, Marcos Rojo and Frank Fabra; Montes, Jorman Campuzano and Juan Ramírez; Almond or Molinas; Cristian Pavón and Luis Vázquez. DT: Sebastián Battaglia.
  • Schedule: 20.15
  • Referee: Diego Abal
  • TV: TNT Sports

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