On the verge of tears, Sonia Soloaga, the official of the City Police accused of having killed a married couple to steal between $ 70,000 and $ 80,000 with which he planned to pay for a trip to Disney for his daughter who was 15 years old, he argued at the beginning of the trial against her that she is innocent.

I am totally innocent. I have nothing to do with it. I do not intend to take charge of such madness. The people who did this are laughing at me. “, affirmed Soloaga before the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) N ° composed of those chaired by the judge Alejandro Noceti Achával and integrated by your colleagues Gabriel Vega and Gustavo Rofrano.

Soloaga is accused of having murdered Alberto Chirico placeholder image, 71, already Maria Delia Speranza, 63 years old. The double crime occurred on June 11, 2019 at the home of the victims, in Parque Avellaneda.

The trial that takes place through the Zoom platform and is broadcast on YouTube began this morning. Soloaga, who came to the debate accused “Robbery aggravated by its commission with a firearm, in real competition with the crime of double qualified homicide for having been committed with treachery, and to consummate the other crime and achieve impunity, which in turn is aggravated by having been committed with a firearm, in a real contest with a false complaint “, follows the hearing from an office of the penitentiary complex where he is serving pretrial detention.

After the accusation against him was read and after answering questions from Judge Noceti Achával on personal matters, Soloaga, 36, and mother of a 17-year-old adolescent, began to give an investigation.

“I do not know who can come up with such madness. They changed my life. I have nothing to do [con el doble homicidio]. I am so sorry for these people who went through this [las víctimas] and for his family, but I have nothing to do with it ”, affirmed the defendant before beginning to answer the questions of the representative of the Public Ministry, the Attorney General Oscar Ciruzzi.

Trial begins against a police officer accused of killing a couple to rob them and pay for a trip to Disney

The debate takes place through the Zoom platform and is broadcast on YouTube (Capture /)

The defendant, who until the time of the events was performing functions in Neighborhood Police Station 9C of the City Police, denied having ever entered the home of the victims, as stated in the accusation made by the prosecutor Estela Andrades.

In the request for elevation to trial, the representative of the Public Ministry had affirmed that Soloaga had taken advantage of “the relationship that he had managed to forge” with the marriage, since for months he had provided street services in the area where the victims lived and Chirico allowed to use the bathroom and used to serve him coffee and meals.

Alberto Chirico and María Speranza, the victims of an agent who executed them in Parque Avellaneda

Alberto Chirico and María Speranza, the victims of an agent who executed them in Parque Avellaneda (twitter /)

The victims lived in a house owned by Eugenio Garzón at 3500, in Parque Avellaneda. Today, in his inquest, Soloaga denied having entered Chirico and Speranza’s property and that he had only spoken to them two or three times. He maintained that he used to use the bathroom of a service station or a little bar.

In the debate, the Officer Diego Pachilla, who at the time of the events was Soloaga’s boyfriend. He will come to the debate released from prison accused of doubly aggravated cover-up. According to the prosecutor Andrades he helped Soloaga “to evade the authority’s investigations.”

The policewoman accused of the double homicide did admit that on the day of the double homicide she made a false report for the theft of her service weapon. According to his version, on June 11, 2019, he went to a service station bathroom and left urgently because a colleague had made a request for support due to an event in which he had to intervene.

“I ran out of the bathroom. I forgot the gun and a bag where I had money, ”Soloaga explained.

In response to a question from the prosecutor Ciruzzi, the policewoman maintained that the money in her purse was 300,000 pesos and that they were going to be used to pay for the trip to Disney for her daughter.

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