MAR DEL PLATA. Three young women passed away this morning inside an apartment, presumably for inhalation of carbon monoxide in the wake of problems in the heating system installed there.

A friend of hers found them lifeless this morning and he was the one who notified the authorities. Prosecutor Leandro Arévalo, in charge of the investigation, ordered the corresponding autopsies to confirm causes of these deaths.

They rescued the eight crew members of a fishing boat that sank off San Clemente

The victims were 19, 23 and 26 years old and their identities have not yet been confirmed or if they are residents or were staying for a few days in this department of a building from May 25 to 3100, in front of the Municipal Public Library, in the heart of the city.

As an accessory and preventive measure, the gas service was cut off in that department and the rest of the property in order to verify the general condition of the facilities and possible deficiencies in other parts of the building.

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