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LN – “Today they teach us contents designed for teenagers from another era”

“It is difficult for adults to listen to us and understand us because we are totally different from them and there are many changes today,” says Josefina (17) Credit: Fabián Marelli

They have other concerns and ask the school to be more in tune with their concerns. “Today they teach us contents designed for teenagers from another era,” says Josefina Prati, a fifth-year student at a private school in the City, for whom adults have a look at young people that does not match what they really are and that For this reason, many of their topics of interest are left out of the classroom.

In fact, one of the main demands, according to the Learn tests, is the need to address content that most students consider key: from Comprehensive Sex Education (ESI) to environmental care, training in digital skills , the preparation for the labor world, citizen participation and current issues that challenge them. Josefina adds another that she considers very important: issues related to adolescent mental health.

She, like 10 other students from the City and the suburbs, was summoned by
THE NATION to know the demands and proposals of young people to improve secondary education, within the framework of
Education Month

“Many times, the ones who judge the most and who find it hardest to understand certain things are adults,” says Josefina, recalling the experience of a trans boy in his school. For this reason, he points out that it is essential that young people be talked about certain issues such as different sexualities, how to take care of themselves, about respect, consent and machismo.
“When they don't give us ESI, they are denying us to freely enjoy our sexuality”, affirms with determination.

Taking into account that many teenagers suffer from anxiety and depression, both Josefina and her schoolmate, Catalina Carrau, also warn of another problem that is rarely talked about in secondary schools: prevention in mental health.
“Why know how to solve the Pythagorean theorem is considered more important than knowing how to treat depression?”, Catalina questions.

Another issue that worries young people is caring for the environment. “The planet is ruined and we have a responsibility to do something about it,” says Josefina. For that reason, he puts in words the claim of many boys: “For a long time,” he says, “nobody cared to recycle or teach us that the world is for us to take care of it and not to continue destroying it.”

Although they are all topics that affect them, adolescents feel that, many times, teachers or managers think that it is only an “exaggeration.” “They must understand that the model of today's teenager is different,” he says. “We are no longer as structured as before and some people need more attention than others.”

“We need you to listen to us more and teach us to fight for our rights and how to exercise them”: this is how the two young women summarize their claim towards high school.
“I think we have to stop thinking about the education of the future, because the change in education must be now”, concludes Josefina.

The missing subjects in the classrooms according to the students


During September, LA NACION will publish the children's claims and proposals to improve education


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