LN – They offer a reward of $ 5,000,000 for information on the whereabouts of “Dumbo”, a drug lord

The Ministry of Security offers a reward of five million pesos for anyone who provides useful data to find the whereabouts of a drug lord accused of leading a criminal organization in the Padre Mugica neighborhood of Villa Lugano. Is about Raúl Martín Maylli Rivera, known as “Dumbo”, of Peruvian nationality, on whom a national and international arrest warrant weighs.

So far, Dumbo has managed to flee twice just before the police arrive to arrest him. The first time it happened when Merlo’s house where he had settled was raided, detectives found the air conditioning on and suitcases thrown on the floor, a sign that their occupants had left in a hurry. On the second occasion, Dumbo and his family had rented a two-story house in Martínez, located in Córdoba between Havana and Rio de Janeiro. As LA NACION rebuilt, in May, Maylli Rivera would have spent at least $ 2,000,000 to buy furniture, appliances and clothing for himself and his family. Upon arrival, the police found a Mate served warm on a table.

Two of Dumbo’s top associates in the narcotics business were not as lucky as him: Puñete and Bruno, as they are known, were two of the detainees in a series of operations carried out by detectives of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) and the Buenos Aires police on Sunday of last week.

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Now, The Ministry of Security issued a resolution, published this Thursday in the Official Gazette, in which offers a millionaire reward within the national territory for that person who facilitates the apprehension of the accused. As indicated in the document, Dumbo you are attributed the address of a criminal organization that acted in a coordinated manner and with distribution of roles in a hierarchical structure, dedicated to the commercialization of narcotics with deliveries in various parts of this city, at least since November 2018 and until its breakdown on May 24, 2021. And they add that it also operated in the province of Buenos Aires.

People who want to provide data should contact the National Coordination Program for the Search of Persons Ordered by the Justice under the National Directorate of Judicial Cooperation and Public Ministries by telephone. And they clarified: “The payment of the reward will be made after a report from the representative of the intervening authority on the merit of the information provided, preserving the identity of the contributor.”

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