LN – “They are blackmaids”: the fierce criticism of a Kirchnerist mayor of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce for saying that the price freeze will cause “shortages”

The mayor of Ensenada, Mario Secco, joined today the heated discussion that took place between the Government and the Argentine Chamber of Commerce (CAC) for the price freeze which was established until January 7. In radio statements, described as “blackmail” to the entity a day after its president, Mario Grinman, assured that the measure promoted by the Secretary of Internal Trade, Roberto Feletti, will bring “Shortage”.

When consulted in AM 750 Regarding the statements of the head of the CAC, the Kirchner communal chief said: “They are chantas and I am not surprised that they say that. Them respond to [Mauricio] Macri and all her youngThey were on fire all these years with liberalism, like the table in the country and all those crazy people ”.

And followed: “We know how they play: they will never agree with us and try to have cheap meat for the Argentine people. They are in another shit, in making the ticket, and they don’t care about anything, like when Macri sacked this country. They do not care about anything, it is the people who suffer. The guys walk around the world showing their bills and all the money they took ”.

In front of the raised stage, supported Feletti’s decision to freeze the prices of 1,482 products for 90 days and, in line with the Government, adjudicated the rise in food prices to a decision of the businessmen. “What they are doing is bloody and has nothing to do with inflation. Inflation is there, now the 1,400 products are managed by 18 companies ”, he argued.

Thus, Secco considered that the brand-new Secretary of Internal Commerce “is defending the citizen from these wretches” and also framed the rise in prices in an electoral context. “They do this bullfight to fuck, because they know that the situation in the province of Buenos Aires is being reversed and all the numbers say that we are going to win on November 14. They seek to make a coin much faster, on the one hand, and on the other, there is the little political game that they are sent to play. [Héctor] Magnetto and macrismo ”, he concluded.

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