LN – The suggestive message of the AFIP that calls to register employees

After the expiration of the affidavits of Personal Assets and Earnings, the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) sent notifications to the taxpayers who register commercial operations for “significant amounts” and are not in charge of any employee. The objective of the Treasury is to whitewash a presumed employment relationship.

“From our records it appears that you are developing commercial operations for significant amounts and We understand that to carry them out it is necessary to have workers. The activity you declared is among the main generators of genuine work. That is why we invite you to review such situation and, if applicable, proceed to register them ”, is the message sent by the organization led by Mercedes Marcó del Pont.

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AFIP sources explained to THE NATION that the notifications were sent to taxpayers as a result of the systemic risk assessment carried out by the General Directorate of Social Security Resources of the Treasury, in order to “Verify irregularities in labor matters”, such as non-registration or under-declaration of wages.

In this case, they focused on companies with “high levels of turnover that do not declare employees”. The notification warns that the sworn statement must reflect “the economic reality” and, in the event of omission of the withholding of contributions and the payment of social contributions to the Argentine Integrated Social Security System (SIPA), sanctions could be established.

The AFIP clarified that in all cases they must respond to the notification. If applicable, the taxpayer must regularize their situation through the agency’s website.

In addition, the notification recalled that registered workers have the right to vacations, maternity leave, access to social work, retirement and ART in the event of a workplace accident. “Registered employment is social inclusion and promotes a just society,” he concluded.

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With a similar message, at the end of May, the AFIP notified more than 190,000 taxpayers to regularize the employment situation of their workers in private homes. On that occasion, the criterion was based on those declared gross salaries greater than $ 4 million, assets for more than $ 10 million and the possession of vehicles that accumulate a value greater than $ 3.5 million.

In the eyes of the Treasury, the agency assumes that these people have workers who perform domestic tasks in their homes -gardening, cleaning or personal care-, but that were not declared by the taxpayer or his spouse.

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