LN – The governor of Corrientes expressed to the Liaison Table his concern about the stock of meat

The Mesa de Enlace began a round of meetings with governors of provinces linked to production with the aim of seeking their support against the closure of beef exports.

At a first stop this morning he met with the radical governor of Corrientes, Gustavo Valdés, from whom he obtained a statement for the stocks of foreign sales.

Until then they were Nicolás Pino, president of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA); Jorge Chemes, president of the Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA); Elbio Laucirica, vice president of Coninagro, and Martín Spada, member of the Argentine Agrarian Federation (FAA). In the afternoon they will see the Governor of Chaco Jorge Capitanich in Resistencia. It is worth remembering that the Liaison Board asked eight governors for audiences.

Valdés received them accompanied by his Minister of Production, Claudio Anselmo. “We need open meat exports”, Pino wrote on his Twitter account before seeing the governor.

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The governor said after the meeting: “We address the current situation of the livestock and agricultural sector in #Argentina and #Corrientes, mainly the economic and labor impact of the limitations on meat exports by the national government. The field is a pillar of development: we must always support it ”. Valdés had already spoken out against the closure of exports last May.

After the meeting, the president of the Rural told the press instead: “We let him know our claim, not only by sector but because we understand that this closure of exports generates a problem throughout society. This is affecting the different links in the meat chain and this generates a situation of anguish and problems in society as a whole ”.

Pino pointed out that the governor “understood perfectly” the claim of the sector. The ruralista insisted that “the government’s measure is bad” and remarked: “It not only hits us as producers but also society as a whole. It is a bad decision of the national government ”.

“We understand that when you want to impose ideology rationality is cut off, they are making the productive sector appear as an enemy of society and we are workers, allied to the country, we produce, invest and live in our places ”, added

Corrientes is one of the provinces with livestock importance. There is a rodeo of five million heads there. The closure of exports hit the discard cow category hard, which was for export to China. There every year some 600,000 cows with potential for that market go out of their cycle.

“The important thing about China is that it put a high floor for the wintering cow that here does not get fat,” said production sources.

A month ago, in that province the cow was worth 125 to 130 pesos and now it is around 95 pesos per kilo. It collapsed almost 27%.

Last week, the Corrientes Productive Entities Coordinator expressed its rejection of the new stock that limits exports to 50%. He described that the measures “will directly affect the producers and the economy of the province of Corrientes since livestock is one of the main activities that generate genuine employment and roots.”

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