LN – The Government already has in its hands the request for the extradition of Leopoldo López to Venezuela

The Foreign Ministry has already received a formal request from Venezuela to extradite opposition leader Leopoldo López, who was sentenced to fourteen years in prison for inciting violence during the 2014 anti-government protests and has other pending cases in the Caribbean nation.

The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) of Venezuela approved López’s extradition request on May 11, but until now the formal request had not been processed. According to government sources consulted by Europa Press, this process has been completed in the last hours and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs already has the Venezuelan petition on its table.

The same sources have indicated that, in accordance with the usual procedure, Foreign Affairs will send the extradition request to Justice, which will in turn transfer it to the Council of Ministers. At this point, the Government has the power to reject or accept the delivery of López to Venezuela.

In the event that you deny it, the process will conclude. If, on the contrary, he chooses to continue the processing, the case will go to the National Court. If the court determined that there was no place, López could not be returned to Venezuela, but if he endorsed the extradition, the decision would return to the roof of the Executive, which has the last word.

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