LN – The forceful phrase of El Dipy about Cafiero by the Argentines who leave the country

The head of the national Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, starred in a moment that caused a lot of media hype. In the framework of the act of the Multisectoral Youth Council at the Bicentennial Museum, the official spoke to the young people and indicated: “Argentina is not that country of f … that they want to portray us.”

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As a result of this, Jonatan Viale’s editorial in LN + was oriented towards these sayings and his guest, The Dipy, he also gave his opinion on the matter. “The country is wonderful,” the singer began to develop. “Look how wonderful it is that they still haven’t done it sh …”, ironized. And he pointed out against the official’s family: “Since 1943 they live from the State.”

David Adrián Martínez, who in recent times has been one of the main opposition voices to the ruling party, continues to criticize the management of Alberto Fernandez and pointed again against the sayings of Coffee.

“You listen to Cafiero and since 1943 the Cafiero family has lived off the state. You hear it says’country of sh … ‘. No, the sh … it’s them, the country is wonderful. We have all kinds of resources and we also have all thieves, because we have left over from both sides ”, he attacked.

Meanwhile, consulted for his forceful statements, and when returning to what Cafiero said, he maintained: “I cannot leave this country to my children because I do not want them to leave. One is 14, it will go away. They expel you from this country“, he pointed.

In that sense, he listed facts that, in his opinion, are shameful. “Ginés González García You have to be in Cana (for the VIP vaccination); Vizzotti also, to fix it, “he lashed out and continued:” We brought the Treasury attorney who had just come out of prison and is handling the money; Amado Boudou is teaching; Lázaro Baez, who with all the lands he has are two Malvinas Islands, is in the house ”. And he finished: “And Carlos Zannini posed as health personnel!”

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Later, a little more attached to a humorous line, Dipy He said: “Sometimes I get to thinking and say: ‘These people should speak so that they make a constant meme'”. By last, pointed out against the Minister of Health Carla Vizzotti, He recalled the vip vaccination and spoke of Argentines stranded abroad as a result of the new regulations for entering the country.

“Yesterday the almost 400 who are vaccinated vip came out, and I reminded Carla Vizzotti on the networks that she had said that there were 10, and that the management of Ginés González García should be praised, who got off a national and popular plane on Air Europe in first, “said the singer.

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