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LN – The crack that should concern us: those who inhabit “pink squares”

The crack that should concern us is not between those who will occupy the Pink House, but between those who inhabit “pink squares” and those who do not. The real rift in our country is that millions of people live with precarious housing, without basic services, with poor access to health, education, justice and other public goods.

At least 4,000,000 people in Argentina live in more than 4,400 settlements more than 30 years ago. Undoubtedly, where poverty is concentrated more crudely. A large number of these families live in squares as
which we installed in front of the Casa Rosada to get the attention of our society and put the issue back on the electoral agenda, where there is much talk, but little of the important thing: about the real problems of the country and how to establish multiparty consensus, Multiactoral and long term to solve them.

These families are the most excluded part of the third living in income poverty, unfortunately, for many years, in our country. For this reason, we insist once again, that a more egalitarian, integrated and poverty-free society is not possible if a third of it is excluded. Not without the third living in poverty or without those who support one or another party alternative.

As long as we do not accept this, we cannot move towards a developed and fair society. To agree with the “other third” is not to impose our gaze, is to be willing to give in to your own. There is no consensus possible without willingness to give a little. And I have no doubt that we must yield more who more opportunities we have received and better we are.

None of the party alternatives in dispute for occupying the Casa Rosada will be able to solve the settlement problem itself. None, no matter how much your candidate says otherwise. And the reason for this is simple: they didn't do it while they ruled. They didn't do it because the only way to do it is by agreeing with the opposition. There is no other way. There is no other possibility of solving such a deep and historical problem.

To overcome the problem of the millions of families living in poverty and in pink boxes, we must agree with those who see reality differently. Therefore, for this task it does not matter who wins, but whoever does so is willing to call this agreement.

To overcome the true rift, that of those who have no choice and live in poverty, the political rift must be overcome. From Ceiling we will continue trying to do this with emphasis and strength in the proposals we launched. Because we continue dreaming and working tirelessly with a country where no one should live in pink boxes because they have no other choice.



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