SEATTLE.- In recent years, the United States Police it has been the center of harsh criticism for the use of unjustified force in its arrest processes. Growing concern about the issue found a possible solution in a non-lethal weapon inspired by the boleadoras used by the gauchos in Argentina to hunt: BolaWrap.

Increasingly US police agencies, so far at least 430, are inclined to use this device, presented as a solution to ensure de-escalation in violence during police arrests. A study reveals that the risk of being killed by police officers is 1 in 2000 in men and 1 in 33,000 in women.

In addition, 36 countries in Europe, South America and the Middle East acquired this technology. Even in Argentina, the santa fe police considered the proposal last year.

The remote response tool, developed in 2016, is the size of a cell phone. Its handheld cartridge fires a cable at approximately 156 meters per second, which wraps around the suspect’s legs or arms, just like boleadoras, and immobilizes him instantly., without the intention of causing pain like other lethal weapons.

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The weapon turns out to be useful in restraining people experiencing mental health crises as well as those who are under the influence of drugs and they do not usually respond to “stop” warnings from the troops, according to police forces.

“I see [en la herramienta] 70% of the responses to people with emotional disorders that this would handle without problems “, he assured Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President.

BolaWrap restricts so “Safe and humane to subjects resisting at a distance without relying on pain compliance tools”, deepen its official page.

The verbal commands that are used by police to warn a subject, according to the US National Institute of Justice, are the lowest end of the spectrum for the use of force. US law considers that this novel tool is placed, along with these warnings, at the lower end of this continuum, confirming the safe space between subject and officer.

“I believe that this tool will save lives, I believe that this tool will save careers,” celebrated the head of the Chaska Police Department, Scott Knight.

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