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Teacher's Day. What young people look for in school – LA NACION

Some of the young people called by La Nación to talk about secondary education. Standing, from left to right: Josefina Prati, Yael Crupnicoff, Bruno Pellegrino, Catalina Carrau, Nahuel Soares and Melina Almirón De Los Santos. Below: Tamara Olivera, Nahuel González and Zoe Olivares. Credit: Fabián Marelli

May they arouse their passion and may they be excited. Those are some of the qualities that the young people of their teachers ask for and highlight. “There are many teachers who not only want us to learn academic content, but also to grow as people,” says Nahuel Soares, 5th year student of a public school in the conurbano and one of the 11 young people called by
THE NATION within the framework of
Education Month

On Teacher's Day, we wanted to hear what teenagers have to say about education and learn about their claims and proposals to improve high school. “There are a lot of wonderful teachers who, even in this context, give their all to educate,” says Yael Crupnicoffc, another student summoned.

What is education for you?



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