LN – State of nature

Crystal clear waterfalls, cool water, half-naked bodies, loud laughter, the heat of the sun. The London postcard of two girls having fun by the lake in the Hacney Marshees area on one of the hottest days so far this year is almost surreal on this side of the world, still locked in the fog of an indefatigable virus. Where was the relaxed physical contact, the genuine joy of pleasures as simple as splashing with water? Submerged in chinstraps and restraints, greeting us from a distance in this shadow-filled dystopia, the reconnection with nature is idyllic. As if that State of Nature of which Rousseau spoke, that situation in which man before his life in society lived happily, innocent and integrated into his environment, were reverted in the 21st century with everything that refers to pre-pandemic life. Or at least, maybe the best of her.

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