LN – Spain suspends the extradition of “Pollo” Carvajal to the United States at the last minute

MADRID.- Former Venezuelan intelligence and counterintelligence chief Hugo ‘El Pollo’ Carvajal will stay in Spain, at least for a time. Hours away from your extradition to the United States, The process to hand over the former Chavista official -who has key information on the illegal financing of the Bolivarian regime to Kirchnerism- was suspended by the National Court for a formality that had not been fulfilled.

The extradition, which had been decided after judicial back and forth and was to take place tomorrow, was halted due to a technical issue. Before an appeal by Carvajal’s defense, the court determined that there was a formal defect in a previous order of the National Court, therefore “Has agreed to suspend the materialization of the delivery to the United States” of the retired general, requested by the justice of that country for drug trafficking, money laundering and collaboration with the ex-guerrilla of the FARC, according to the court statement.

The three extraditions that threaten to reveal secrets that Chavismo seeks to hide

The extradition of Carvajal has the Bolivarian regime on alert for the role it played within the governments of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro as head of intelligence and counterintelligence until 2014 and all the information you have from those times. These data, which he already partially revealed in a detailed report he presented to the Spanish Justice to avoid his extradition, dot politicians and parties from Spain to Argentina.

Hugo Carvajal, close to being extradited to the United States

Hugo Carvajal, close to being extradited to the United States

As revealed in the text presented before the Spanish judge Manuel García-Castellón, the Bolivian regime of Hugo Chávez illegally sent at least 21 million dollars in suitcases to Argentina during the presidential campaign of Cristina Kirchner. One of those suitcases is that of the scandal uncovered in 2007 by the Venezuelan businessman’s attempt to enter the country. Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson with a suitcase with US $ 800,000.

From the repentant Carvajal to the Antonini case: suspicions of more flights and more bags

“What is not known is that [el vuelo del “valijagate”] it was their flight number 21, with 20 previous deliveries of one million dollars each and delivered without problems since they paid officials of the Argentine airport who let them pass without any inconvenience “, the former Chavista official would have said in the report, quoted by the Spanish digital media OK Daily, linked to the right of that country.

In that same document, the Venezuelan military denounced a network of illegal financing of Chavismo “to left-wing political movements in the world for at least 15 years” and to Podemos, revelations for which Judge García-Castellón finally reopened an investigation into the left party.

Carvajal was arrested in April 2019 in Spain – where he arrived that same year after abandoning the “Bolivarian revolution.” and join the cause of the “president in charge” Juan Guaidó- for the extradition request of the United States. At that time, the National High Court rejected the extradition request and granted him conditional release. But he took advantage of that condition to escape from Justice until last September 9, when he was arrested again in an apartment in Madrid.

His almost certain extradition to the United States, along with that of Claudia Diaz, who from a nurse to the “supreme commander” went on to become national treasurer, and finally that of Colombian businessman Alex Saab, the only one that took place so far, they woke up concern in Caracas, for the global consequences that they could provoke with their possible confessions about the Bolivarian regime.

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