LN – Social networks: how to avoid that boys are in danger

During the quarantine, the hours that the boys and girls spend in front of the screens increased remarkably, becoming much more vulnerable to the dangers in the networks; the specialist María Zysman advises to create bonds of trust so that we can prevent and be alert

In the last hours, the news of

a language teacher accused of grooming and sexual abuse

 Against children it once again shook public opinion and put the country’s families on alert. In a context in which

the hours spent in front of the screens multiplied,

Staying many times until late at night immersed in their social networks, the boys and girls became much more vulnerable.

According to the referents consulted by LA NACION, during the quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19 grooming cases – a cybercrime characterized by harassment by an adult of children and adolescents through the Internet to obtain any type of sexual gratification or sexual images-

significantly increased

. For María Zysman, educational psychologist, founder of

Bullying free

 and who has spent years working on the responsible and safe use of social networks, it is important

not demonize

this fundamental tool but

yes understand that they bring with them many dangers


The specialist María Zysman advises to be alert and create trust bonds with adolescents to prevent dangers in the networks.


For the specialist, the first tip to work with the boys is to build a

trust bond

, “transmit to them that if they ever feel fear, disgust, rejection of any content they are consuming or face an exchange with a person, they must ask for help from mom, dad, an older brother, grandmother or any reference adult to be able to detect risk situations “.

Teaching them to configure their security options, to be critical of what they see on the internet, that there are things that are not shared and spaces that are intimate, are some of the keys. But above all,

generate channels of dialogue

. In this sense, Zysman points out that installing parental control applications on the boys’ technological devices is a valid option, “but much more important is

offer us as a reference

so they don’t just talk, but shout whenever someone asks them to keep their relationship a secret. ”

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