LN – She was assaulted for having an unrevoked roof and her response went viral.

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During the quarantine, Daiana Martínez began uploading videos with her children to TikTok, the social network of the moment, like many other people: with the sole purpose of hanging out. She never imagined that, as part of her home was recorded as the background for her various videos, she would be showered with assaults and violent comments such as “beautiful roof.” or “Between all of us we support you, because it looks like a millionaire, not even there.” It is an unreversed roof house, which we were able to build with great effort and which still has a long way to go, “says Daiana, who is 29 years old, is a mother of five children and lives in Roldán, a city in the south of the province of Sant Fe. And adds:

“I make the videos anywhere in my house, because it is where I live. I am not looking for a nice place to make them. Besides, what would I show my daughter? Shame where we live?”

Before she could move to where they currently live, life for Daiana and her family was not easy. “I had a house that I lost and I stayed on the street. Then I went to live in an old motel that is on the road. Then I got this house, which still has a lot to do, but we are putting a lot of effort and little by little we are finishing it “, she describes.

Daiana responds to comments


When a group of TikTok users began to aggressively criticize her home, this mother says that she did not worry. However, her 14-year-old daughter Kiara did feel bad about these comments. For this reason, Daiana decided to respond to an ironic message where they told her: “beautiful ceiling.”. With great respect and without attacking, she explained what the situation they were going through was and in the video, she clarified: “Hello, do you like my roof? I don’t like it, so we are remodeling everything a little bit” .

What hurts Daiana are prejudices and lack of empathy:

“Many people criticize you without putting yourself in your shoes or knowing your reality,” he describes. He never imagined that after receiving so many attacks, his story would go viral on social networks and offers of help for his family would quickly start coming to him. “Nice words came to me, because there are bad people, but also good people,” he stresses.

The first thing she did thanks to the help of other users was to create a Twitter account, where a boy contacted her to offer her a hand and spread her story. The same day, the influencer Martín Cirio, better known as La Faraona, contacted her to offer her the same. “The first day I said no, because that was not my intention,” says Daiana. However, upon insistence, she agreed and was finally able to build her roof. She did it, because people also helped her create a Mercado Pago account, and once published on the networks, they began to donate money to her through that channel.

With the help he received he was finally able to build his roof Photo: Instagram
With the help he received he was finally able to build his roof Photo: Instagram

Her dream, and that of her family, is to have a decent home to live. “Having my own house is having something to leave to my children. If something happens to me, they have a place to stay, a place to live, so that nobody can take them out without having to be here and there, as I have been with them several times” , concludes this mother.

Today, thanks to the help of those who knew her story through social networks, that dream is getting closer to being fulfilled.


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