LN – Sabrina Rojas spoke of the reasons for her separation from Luciano Castro: “He is twisted with life”

In recent months, the name of Sabrina rojas was at the center of the scene for different reasons. First, her separation from Luciano Castro monopolized all the covers of the magazines of the heart, especially after so many twists and turns that the couple suffered. Later, her unexpected romance with “Tucu” López caught the attention of all the paparazzi, who began to follow them day and night to get a photo of the lovebirds.

This morning, the actress – who has just returned to the stage with Nudes– went through the living room of The angels of the morning and talked about everything: the relationship with his ex, how he told him that he was dating the actor from Sex and the reasons why they decided to end their marriage.

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“We premiered last Thursday, and on Friday we have sold out seats, both on Saturday too, so we are happy. The cast is beautiful, ”said Rojas, inviting the entire panel to the theater. After expressing the happiness it means to return to work after a year and a half of the pandemic. “We hold ourselves back a lot, if one day feels bad we are going to contain that one. We have confidence to tell each other the good and the bad, and we hold back a lot, in fact that happened with our separation. Sometimes you arrive well, sometimes in a bad mood”, He confessed, while clarifying that the dynamics changed a lot after his separation with Castro.

Although they are still good friends, Rojas clarified that he cannot openly talk about his new love out of respect for his ex. “Boys [Gonzalo Heredia y Luciano Cáceres] They are very friends with the fat man, I chat more with the girls [Brenda Gandini y Mey Scápola]. He doesn’t take it badly, but it’s not for us to be chatting ‘what did you do last night’ either. It’s all good, more than chatting, but I can’t be free talking to the boys either, ”he revealed.

Work Nude-Theater Metropolitan Sura 5

The cast of Nudes, on the day of the premiere in Corrientes Street

While she warned that “Tucu” López still did not go to see her because she has a theater at the same time, the actress highlighted the chivalry of the gallant who sent her an immense bouquet of flowers for the premiere. “It is in all the details,” said in love. As for whether Castro rebuilt his life, he asked: ‘Is there data that he’s dating, right?’ Given the confirmation of some rumors, the model reflected: “He doesn’t count as much, it’s more inside (…) As long as he’s fine … I don’t ask him that, only if he says something and I’m curious. I’d be selfish if I got jealous”.

Although he assures that due to the separation there are certain ties that were naturally severed, Rojas’ plan is to maintain a good and harmonious relationship with the father of her children. “I have no problem getting together to eat a barbecue, they will see me eating alone with Lu because we have things to talk about. We do many things to make that happen, so that our hugs and family reunions do not end, “he confessed.

The people who are with us are going to have to understand that this is going to be the case. And for that to happen is because the couple’s bond is over. If one is hooked this could not happen. We continue to love each other as people (he is the father of my children) but as a couple it is over”He added.

Regarding the reasons that led them to make the decision to end the relationship, the actress explained: “The pandemic first made us meet again a lot, but then everything took too long. We were indoors a lot. Maybe it had to happen for this to end, maybe in the routine we would not have seen certain things. We were on our way to… ”.

Luciano has complications in life. I am simpler, I have a good time anywhere; It is twisted with life. It’s a lot of fun, but very inward. At first loneliness was terrible, especially at night. Now I’m happy, nobody makes me noise in the gym”, He commented, laughing, who stayed living with his children in the family home.

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“I ended up anchored again with the same pattern: chongo, bonito,” Sabrina Rojas joked when referring to her new love, “Tucu” López. While Yanina Latorre confessed that she likes Luciano Castro better, the blonde warned that there are many people who still do not accept their separation and who are screwed up by their stories. “I love him too, but at home,” he launched, laughing.

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Right away, he noticed that the actor from Sex and his ex do not know each other, nor is there a link between López and his children, Esperanza and Fausto. “We would have liked everything to be much calmer but it became known. My children don’t watch TV, they have no idea. They are like Juana Viale’s children, they only watch YouTube ”, she clarified, realizing that the little ones have no idea of ​​the new romance.

“How did you tell Luciano that you were dating” Tucu “?” Pía Shaw interrupted. “He knew that I was making my life, but as there were photos I told him. You know who it is. In fact, yesterday he got together with Jimena (Barón) for the movie, so he knows he’s her ex-boyfriend, “he said. And right away, the actress spoke about Castro’s relationship with the singer. “Jime is very close to Lu, he loves her. He came home when he was dating Osvaldo and afterwards they had not seen each other for a long time, “he revealed.

Rojas and El Tucu López in their first official outing, this Wednesday, for the premiere of Lost Mind

Rojas and El Tucu López in their first official outing, this Wednesday, for the premiere of Lost Mind (Gerardo Viercovich /)

As for the versions that assure that they stopped being followed on the networks, Rojas clarified: “I am a bit embarrassed to talk about her, it is a trust that we are naming her. I really like her huh, she stopped following me on Instagram when she cleaned up people, and I did too. It was long before all this. For me she has made hymns to women, I admire her a lot as an artist. We have all been ‘La fool’, ‘La Cobra’, ‘Flor de involución’ ”.

Faced with the intrigue if he had dedicated a topic to the “Tucu”, the model doubted and promised to start investigating. However, all eyes turned back to her ex-husband and how the current relationship is post-separation. “Did they fight over the goods?” De Brito shot, wanting to get even more intimate. “Not yet, we wanted so much to separate that it was ‘take what you want'”, he responded with humor.

“I stayed home and he left. On the weekend I went to Villa Urquiza [donde vive el “Tucu” López] and he came to stay home with the kids. He has keys, it’s his house. It is the house of our family, he is a great father, a being of light, “he commented while emphasizing that he takes care of all the expenses.

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